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Gold Mine in Złoty Stok

In the city
Contact ul. Złota 7
57-250 Złoty Stok

tel.: 74 817 55 08
tel.: 74 817 55 74
fax.: 74 817 61 20
e-mail: biuro@kopalniazlota.pl


The Gold Mine in Złoty Stok is one of the most beautiful attractions in Poland!

The term "Dolnośląskie Eldorado" does not have a bit of exaggeration.

Underground Tourist Route The Gold Mine was founded in 1996. From the 320-kilometer labyrinth, two extremely interesting adits have been made available: "Gertruda" drift, "Sztolnia Czarna Górna" tunnel with the only underground waterfall in Poland (8 m high), "Sztolnia Czarna Dolna" drift, from which the Orange Tram leaves.

Fairytale world created underground (gnome, crazy alchemist and the figure of a miner) and an extraordinary way of guiding bring tourists to admiration and contentment.

Another attraction is the Medieval Mining Village, which is the only such attraction in Europe. It is a replica of a medieval mining settlement equipped with devices constructed on a scale of 1: 1 based on engravings and descriptions by Georgius Agricoli. It was possible, in this way, to create an extremely interesting educational path for children and adults.

The Gold Mine also offers additional attractions: visiting the Museum of Minerals and the Memorial Chamber, swimming along an underground corridor, gold rinsing, gold coin minting, climbing wall, paintball, diamond field, replica ride of the Da Vinci tank, medieval playground.

Every year new attractions await tourists.

The Gold Mine and Medieval Mining Settlement is a guarantee of good fun throughout the year.



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Złoty Stok, Dolnośląskie
Złota 7, 57-250 Złoty Stok

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