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Olsztyn and ints most popular attractions

In the city
Contact 10-001 Olsztyn


Olsztyn, the capital of the Warmian-Masurian Voivodship, is a garden city by nature.

The location of Olsztyn on the edge of the Napiwodzko-Ramucka Forest, one of the largest urban forests in Europe, numerous parks and several lakes within the administrative borders of the city makes it an excellent base for active recreation in a natural setting. Three rivers flow through the city, and the largest of them is the picturesque Łyna. In Olsztyn there are also two peatland nature reserves - Redykajny and Mszar. In addition to nature, the city boasts an interesting history dating back to the Middle Ages. Thus, the green landscape is dominated by green trees, the blue of waters and the red of Gothic.

Castle of the Warmian Chapter in Olsztyn

The monumental building of the castle of the Warmian chapter makes a big impression. The oldest, residential and representative wing of the castle was built in the 14th century. It was here in the 16th century that Nicolaus Copernicus lived in the administrative office of the estate of the Warmian Chapter.

The most valuable monument of the castle in Olsztyn is the astronomical table, which served Copernicus to determine the day of the spring equinox. It is the only astronomical instrument in the world preserved by an outstanding astronomer, preserved to our times. In the castle of the Warmian chapter we will also see a unique original wooden roof truss from the 14th century and 15th century wooden hurditions (a medieval defensive element) - the only preserved in Warmia.

Currently, the castle houses the Museum of Warmia and Mazury, presenting exhibitions related to the history of the city and the region with a permanent exhibition dedicated to Nicolaus Copernicus. During the holidays, the museum organizes the so-called Thursdays with Copernicus - a day of attractions for children with visiting the castle with Copernicus itself (an actor playing the figure of an astronomer).

It is worth entering the castle tower, from which there is an interesting view of Olsztyn. Near the dike connecting the castle with the city is Amphitheater them. Czesław Niemen, where concerts and other artistic events are organized. At the end of the causeway stands the so-called Copernicus bench - a monument to the most famous inhabitant of the city. The legend says that if you need a nose of doctor Mikołaj, your dreams will come true.

Museum of Warmia and Mazury, ul. Zamkowa 2, tel. 89 527 95 96, www.muzeum.olsztyn.pl

Other monuments of the Old Town in Olsztyn

Monumental gothic cathedral of Saint Jakob. For nearly 40 years, Jakub has been the space of international Olsztyn Organ Concerts organized here. Every Sunday in June and August, we can hear the virtuosos of organs from around the world. The cathedral has beautiful Gothic vaults. There are also relics of Saint. Wojciech - one of the most important saints for the diocese of Warmia.

In the cathedral, we will also see a deer-shaped candle holder from the original deer antlers. In Olsztyn, a medieval urban layout has been preserved with the market square in the middle and streets that are at right angles. In the center you will see the Old Town Hall (33 Stare Miasto St.) - the late Gothic heart of medieval Olsztyn - here the city authorities had their seat, there were fairs and fairs. The entrance to the Old Town Hall, which is no longer used today, is decorated with beautiful donkeys - a decorative element characteristic of the late Gothic period. Currently, the Old Town Hall houses the Provincial Public Library.

Right at its entrance you can buy some of the best ice cream in Olsztyn with quite exotic flavors, such as carrots or spinach or quite traditional ones called "From the 1950s". At the Old Town Hall there is also a model of the Old Town made out of unnecessary old keys, handed over by residents during a special collection organized by the city authorities.

In the Old Town of Olsztyn, the High Gate is also noteworthy - the only medieval city gate preserved to this day. Right next to it is the Art Manufactory, where you can buy original souvenirs made by folk artists. The Old Town is surrounded by a climatic Podzamcze Park with many fountains, flowing through the Łyna River and beautiful trees. It is worth going for a walk along the Łyna River, thus reaching the Central Park of the Modernity Museum in the former Raphaelsohn sawmill.

Planetarium and Astronomical Observatory in Olsztyn

The facility offers many interesting thematic sessions (not only astronomical) for children, youth and adults. On the terrace of the Observatory, night sky shows take place.

Planetarium, ul. al. Marszałka J. Piłsudskiego 38, phone: 89 650 04 20, www.planetarium.olsztyn.pl,
Observatory, ul. Żołnierska 13, tel .: 89 650 04 40, www.planetarium.olsztyn.pl

Recreation and Sports Center "Ukiel" in Olsztyn

Opened in 2015, CRS "Ukiel" has become the most popular recreational area in the city. Located on the largest Olsztyn Lake Ukiel, the center creates perfect conditions for an active holiday surrounded by nature. The design of the development of the shores of Lake Ukiel has won many awards, he was also in the final of the international World Architecture Festival competition, which took place in 2015 in Singapore. In the summer, there are several guarded bathing areas, a water playground for children, you can rent sport equipment - kayaks, pedal boats, boats, sailboats, canoes and many more.

There were comfortable walking and cycling paths around the lake. There are several beach volleyball courts and the only beach volleyball hall in Poland with specially heated and sprinkled sand. For several years, the CRS "Ukiel" in Olsztyn has been hosting the international World Beach Volleyball Cup competition from the World Tour series. There is also a skatepark (winter snowpark), a basketball court, a water ski lift, squash courts, a gym and a sauna.

There is a water motorboat running on the lake. Restaurants, cafes, changing rooms, toilets, showers - all contribute to comfortable rest at the lake. During holidays between CSR "Ukiel" and Olsztyn's Old Town, there are meleks.

ul. Kapitańska 23, tel. 89 527 12 03, www. ukiel.olsztyn.eu, admission to the free complex area - use of individual attractions according to price lists


Forest Rope Park

The most interesting rope park in Olsztyn is Leśny Park Linowy located in the City Forest on the Łyna River. The unique location, the perfect integration into the environment, the specific microclimate makes this place unique. The park offers several routes - from easy to extreme.

In the spring and summer season, April-May, it is open from 10.00-18.00 (last entries on the route by 17.00). In the summer season June-August open hours. 10.00-20.00 (last entry to the route until 18.00).

ul. Parkowa 3A, tel. 797 129 060, www.lesnyparklinowy.olsztyn.pl


Warmiolandia is the largest children's playroom in the region. Monkey Grove, various types of play structures, hiding places, obstacles, trampolines, slides, multimedia table, electric cars, classes run by the animators, live mascots with Warmis at the head will not let any child get bored. There was also a special zone for kids and an outdoor green garden. You can also eat here - the menu is dominated by dishes for children.

ul. Lubelska 29G, tel .: 791 078 111, www.warmiolandia.pl,

7 Jump Street

7 Jump Street is the only trampoline park in the region - there are 100 trampolines on the area of ​​1200 m2. You can play volleyball or basketball here and perform aerial evolutions in pools with sponges. Older children certainly will not be bored here.

ul. Leonharda 7, tel. 668 037 709, www.trampoliny.olsztyn.pl




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