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ZOO in Wroclaw

In the city
Contact ul. Z. Wróblewskiego 1-5
51-618 Wrocław

tel.: 71 348 30 24
kom.: 691 674 199


The oldest zoological garden in the present Polish lands is the ZOO in Wrocław.

The garden area is 33 hectares. The Wroclaw Zoo was founded in 1865 and exists to this day. During its existence, the ZOO had only two short breaks, namely it did not work in the period from 1921 to May 1, 1927 due to the impoverishment of the city and country after the First World War, and from April 1945 to July 18, 1948 in connection with the siege of Wroclaw and the destruction of animals.

The Wroclaw Zoo has several valuable objects that represent 19th-century historicism and eclecticism.

In the Zoological Garden in Wrocław there are 12 thematic pavilions that represent various regions of the world or selected groups of animals. Among the pavilions of the ZOO Wrocław there is:

Afrykarium - has 19 pools and reservoirs depicting, among others, coral reef of the Red Sea, Nile hippopotamuses, freshwater fish of the Malawi and Tanganyika lakes. African penguins, African couplets, crocodiles and manatees can also be found in Afrykarium.

Aquarium - it's a former coach house, in which beautifully arranged aquariums are hidden. You can admire such species as: spotted rays, piranhas, celebesan ducks, as well as species from the distant past (the clapper or the prelum).

Crocodile house - there are not only reptiles, but also some interesting species of mammals, which include meerkats, three-colored squirrels, and porcupines.

Małpiarnia - is mainly devoted to monkeys, but it is also inhabited by polatuchy (quite large, gliding squirrels) and sloths.

Pavilion Madagascar - you can meet here small species of animals, which, although they are small, represent the amazing biodiversity of Madagascar.


Pavilion of Apes - this pavilion is occupied by chimpanzees.

Ptaszarnia - there are, among others, water birds, chanterelles, as well as parrots.

Ranczo i Dzieciniec - this pavilion was created for the youngest visitors. You can touch farm animals here, get to know their role in human life, and find out where the food products come from, bought every day in stores.

Sahara - you can meet animals living in semi-arid and desert areas. Undoubtedly, the most interesting species here is the oryx sabbula - a beautiful antelope. You can also see here the desert fox, dromedaries (monogamous camels), as well as numerous rodents, birds and invertebrates.

Słoniarnia - is a home for tapirs, two Indian elephants and dwarf hippopotamuses.

Terai - was created for Indian rhinoceros. Nevertheless, it is also inhabited by gibbons, capers, Indian uniforms, and jelarangs (squirrels with a body length with a tail of over 100 cm).

Terrarium with Butterfly and "Indonesian Dragons" - the pavilion occupies one of the richest collections of reptiles, amphibians and invertebrates. It is worth seeing the famous elephant turtles, a tiny frog - a terrible leaf, a tarantula and the Butterfly, where tropical butterflies fly overhead.

Pavilion "KLIMAT, PEOPLE, ANIMALS" - there are no animals in it. The pavilion features multimedia exhibitions, as well as educational games and activities.

The youngest visitors to the ZOO in Wroclaw can also ride ponies. In addition, demonstration feeding takes place every day.




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Wrocław, Dolnośląskie
, 51-618 Wrocław

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