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Happy Jump Trampoline Park

In the city
Contact ul. Torowa 2
35-205 Rzeszów

kom.: 698 739 228
e-mail: kontakt@happyjump.com.pl


Happy Jump Trampoline Park was opened in October 2014.

This is the first and modern trampoline park located in south-eastern Poland. The set of trampolines along with a huge foam pool allows you to experience unforgettable emotions and priceless impressions.

By jumping on trampolines, stress is reduced and a hormone of happiness is released. Such active spending of free time also improves the coordination of movement and balance, and through great fun you can lose unnecessary kilograms.

The aim of our Trampolines Park is to give you pure joy coming from jumping on trampolines, as well as flights to the foam pool. We invite everyone to experience the amazing feeling of lightness, high jump and soft landing in a pool filled with about 5,000 foam cubes.

In our Happy Jump Trampoline Park you can take advantage of the following offers:

  • Acrobatics - is a special training program under the guidance of a trainer who will allow you to learn the basic acrobatic evolution in a safe way.
  • Jumping Fitness - fitness classes on the trampoline support the reduction of body fat and cellulite. They favorably affect the entire muscular system, harmoniously developing and modeling each part of our body.
  • Birthday - we offer a play run by an experienced playground animator who will make sure that every child feels exceptionally and safely. For children playing with the animator there are a lot of attractions planned, such as: movement games, trampoline games with balls, jumping into a foam pool by, for instance, foam walls made of cubes, fun in a birthday room.
  • Wyskokowy W-F - we invite schools / classes / organized groups to take advantage of our special offer.

Opening hours:

  •     Monday - Sunday: 10:00 - 21:00


Price list:

Individual inputs:

    30 minutes of jumping: 20 PLN - normal ticket, 15 PLN - concession ticket
    1 hour of jumping: 30 PLN - normal ticket, 25 PLN - concession ticket
    90 minutes of jumping: 40 PLN - normal ticket, 35 PLN - concession ticket
    2 hours of jumping: 50 PLN - normal ticket, 45 PLN - concession ticket

Discounts at group entrances:

    6-9 people: 10% cheaper
    10-14 people: 20% cheaper
    15+ people: 30% cheaper


    30 minutes of jumping: 8 entries - 12.50 PLN / entry in the ticket for 100 PLN, 15 entries - 10 PLN / entry in the ticket for 150 PLN
    1 hour of jumping: 8 entries - 20 PLN / entry in the ticket for 160 PLN, 15 entries - 16 PLN / entry in the ticket for 240 PLN

Fitness Price List:

    Single entry: 35 PLN / entrance
    8 entries pass: PLN 12.50 / entry in the ticket for PLN 100
    15 entries pass: PLN 10 / entry in the ticket for PLN 150


    Single entry: PLN 25
    Tickets for 8 entries: PLN 150

High-speed W-F:

    30 minutes of jumping: a group of less than 15 people: 120 PLN / object, a group of 15+ people: 8 PLN / person
    1 hour of jumping: group of less than 15 people: 150 PLN / object, group of 15+ people: 10 PLN / person
    90 minutes of jumping: a group of less than 15 people: 240 PLN / object, a group of 15+ people: 15 PLN / person
    2 hours of jumping: a group of less than 15 people: 300 PLN / object, a group of 15+ people: 20 PLN / person

"Large Family 3+, Substitute Family" action - individual entries:

    Monday - Thursday: 20% cheaper
    Friday - Sunday: 15% cheaper




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Rzeszów, Podkarpackie
Torowa 2, 35-205 Rzeszów

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