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Bread Cottage invites you to meet with a crumble of tradition.

Adults remind us how life looked 50 - 100 years ago and we recall their memories, while we show the younger how their grandparents' lives looked like. In the program, among others:

- home furnishings necessary for living

- the road "from grain to loaf"

- butter and cheese making process

- interesting facts from the life of bees

The whole show ends with a tasting of hand-made breadcrumbs with lard, butter, honey and cereal coffee - all homemade.


What we do?

We bake bread like 100 years ago, we do butter the same way, that's why the whole show takes place in a place that introduces us to the atmosphere of those times. We tell what ordinary life looked like in the old days - how the house lit up and what was most important in it, how did the shower look like and how much water was available "at the head", and finally how to put all the children in a small room.

Why all this?

Our mission is to restore respect for bread and human work. One can not forget that the deliciously fragrant loaf of bread is the fruit of the hands of not only the baker, but also, to a large extent, also the farmer who took care of the grain all year round - the way "from grain to loaf"

"Toddlers" will be bored?

Just listening and looking at children is boring - we do not like museum cords and windows!
With us you can grind on shafts, quarrel with flail, feel like a tractor driver on post-war Ursus and a few other tractors, get on sleds and carriages, get on an old motorcycle or bath tub, and that's not all. We want the visit to the Bread Hut to be remembered longer. Photos? Of course!

And what about the older ones?

From the younger version, the show differs in one word - a reminder instead of a show.
- "I already know all this"
- "They brought us from the countryside to the village".
With such opinions, fortunately, we meet only before the trip - and when the memories come to life, the trip and your stories are endless.
We can also boast of a huge collection of collected monuments, among which there are pearls, at which we even pride ourselves on what they served.



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Górki Małe, Śląskie
ul. Breńska 113, 43-436 Górki Małe

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