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The Paprocany rope park was established in August 2013 and since then has been enjoying great interest of the propagators of an active way of spending time.

It is a relaxing form of physical activity at a certain height, which affects the improvement of the technique of maintaining balance, positively affects the overcoming of fear of heights and mastery of emotions in the moment of elevated levels of adrenaline in the body and arouses a sense of self-confidence.

It is located in a perfect place, in the forest, near the Paprocany Lake near the city beach. Wooded forest area is surrounded by numerous attractions for children and adults, and Rope Park perfectly complements these and significantly raises their level.

We offer nine routes of varying difficulty to our guests. The total length of all routes in the Rope Park is nearly 1800 m. The white, green and yellow route is adapted for younger children because it has a reduced belaying, so that smaller children with 120 cm height can pass the route by themselves. We invite younger climbing enthusiasts to overcome the routes themselves, or with the help of a parent, guardian or one of our experienced instructors. Even people who do not have strong hands, do not do any sports, will also be able to go the route, which does not mean that fans of effort and adrenaline will not find something for themselves. For them, higher routes are prepared - blue, orange, violet, red, extreme and brown and extreme II gray.

These are more demanding routes (min 135cm increase), however, the variety of obstacles causes that they are extremely attractive. "Flinston's barrel", "Dragging the bucket", "Tarzan's jump", "Skateboard" and long-winded zip-line trips are just selected obstacles from numerous attractions waiting for brave climbers on our routes. For persistent and courageous we offer Extreme I and Extreme II routes. Each of them is almost 330 m long.

YOU CAN ENJOY ALL OF YOUR RANGE OF THE RUNNING PARK. Experience and familiarity with climbing equipment are unnecessary. Trained instructors watch over the safety. We provide an unforgettable experience and effort in the open air. It is fun for children, adolescents, adults as well as for older people. The only limitations are an increase below 1.20 cm or poor health, which may worsen during physical exertion.

Special equipment, such as ropes, harness helmets, special carabiners and various belay devices are available at the park. The equipment is purchased from the best companies producing mountaineering equipment such as: PETZL, SKYLOTEC or EDELWEISS, with the necessary CE certificates. These products comply with European technical standards.

We invite everyone who is very eager.




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