European Tales Center Koziołka Matołka in Pacanów

In the city
Contact ul. Kornela Makuszyńskiego 1
28-133 Pacanów

tel.: 41 376 50 79


European Tales Center Matołek the Billy Goat - we know how to talk with children!

The European Tale Center in Pacanów is a unique cultural institution, operating on a regional and national scale, which uses  entertainment and learning as a means of transferring knowledge and disseminating values. The ultramodern, fairytale building of the Center includes an exhibition combining the achievements of multimedia techniques with traditional museum exhibits. This is a journey together with fairy tales for children, where you can meet Matołek the Billy Goat, elves, fairies and cross the land of "Soria Moria" - an interactive labyrinth illustrating the world of fairy tales, legends and traditions of the North countries.

The Bajki Center also includes a theater, a 3D cinema, a bookshop, a reading room, an enchanted garden, and even a scientific institution - the Bajki Institute. To date, nearly a million guests have visited us.

Our specialty is workshops for organized groups, developing creativity, knowledge and manual skills as well as events and mass events, including Organized in June, the International Festival of Children's Culture, organized in partnership with other countries and attracting tens of thousands of small spectators every year to Pacanów or the October Fairytale Charity Congress.

All permanent attractions of the Center, due to the great interest, require prior reservation.



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Pacanów, Świętokrzyskie
, 28-133 Pacanów

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