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The fact that Darłówko is one of the most visited seaside resorts by tourists probably does not surprise anyone.

But you will be surprised by the news that there is an amusement park for the whole family in this town, thanks to which you will spend your free time outdoors with your children. Balticland is not only an aqua park, it is also a lot of attractions for children, thanks to which the youngest members of the family will definitely not be bored! If you do not like to lie on the beach all day long, love the closeness of nature and the surroundings of the forest, you want to provide the kids with great entertainment during the holidays - be sure to visit Balticland when going on holiday in Darłówko! What is waiting for you here?


In the aquapark you will be able to get caught up in the whirlpool of madness! In the large heated swimming pool, both adults and children will be able to comfortably spend time swimming and taking advantage of additional water attractions: slides of various lengths, water jets, observation deck or Jacuzzi. Regardless of age, everyone will find something for themselves! The aquapark in Balticland also organizes swimming lessons for the youngest and aqua aerobics for people who love to spend their free time actively.

Attractions for children

No amusement park can do without special attractions exclusively for children. There will be plenty of such in Balticland! In addition to the aquapark, children can also take advantage of numerous attractions on land. Here, on the colorful playground in the open air, children will be able to devote themselves to carefree play on swings, rockers and slides.

Here, every child will be able to move to another world thanks to a colorful queue that will take them on an amazing journey to the land of fairy tales. And this is not the end of attractions that are waiting for the youngest in Balticland! Real madness awaits them in a pool filled with colorful balls, where they will be able to immerse themselves completely and without fear for safety.

And if they get tired of hard footing on dry land, under the watchful eye of vigilant adults, they will be able to swim on water bikes with their peers.

The family Balticlandia amusement park is a great place to visit when you are on holiday in Darłówko. If you want to provide entertainment for your children and for one day to take a break from the crowds and bustle on the beach, here you will find everything you are looking for: the closeness of nature, peace and power of attractions for everyone!




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Darłówko, Zachodniopomorskie
, 76-153 Darłówko Zachodnie

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