Miniature Park of Lower Silesia

In the city
Contact ul. Zamkowa 9
58-530 Kowary

tel.: 75 752 22 42
kom.: 661 699 699


Miniatur Park of Lower Silesia located in Kowary was established in 2003.

It is located in the area of the carpet factory that is not working today. The Miniature Park has chosen the presentation of the most important and the most beautiful monuments in Lower Silesia as well as serving you as the Euroregion information center.

The park has perfectly made models of castles, monasteries, palaces and town halls from this region. All models were made in 1:25 scale. The park also has the largest in Poland miniature of the mountains, the Giant Mountains together with Śnieżka, as well as faithfully reconstructed glasshouses and shelters.

The latest modeling techniques using materials resistant to atmospheric conditions were used to make the miniatures. The miniatures in the park make the greenery, the natural surroundings more attractive, as well as the filigree reproduction of details.


Animators await the visitors, who will acquaint you with the fascinating history of Lower Silesia and the monuments next to which you will pass. Visiting the Lower Silesia Miniature Park you will see, among others: Manor House, Wojanów Palace, Miłków Palace, Bobrów Palace, Wang Church, Książ Castle, Chojnik Castle, Czocha Castle, Town Hall from Kowary, Wroclaw Town Hall, and many other interesting monuments of this region in miniature version.



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Kowary, Dolnośląskie
, 58-530 Kowary

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