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The Museum of Silesian Uprisings in Świętochłowice was opened on October 17, 2014.

It is located in the former police headquarters in Świętochłowice at Wiktor Polak Street 1. The revitalized building designed by the Zillmann brothers houses a permanent exhibition of the Silesian Uprisings Museum, which has a modern, multimedia character.

The rooms are inspired by their style to the places where the fate of Upper Silesia dated. You can see both a fragment of the lobby of the German Reichstag and the Mirror Room of the Palace of Versailles. On the walls there are fact boards with the facts of the presented period.

The tour begins with the screening of the film "Franek", which shows the fate of two families - Polish Frank and German Karl against the background of the events of the Silesian Uprisings and the plebiscite.

The leading path is a film presentation about the Silesian Uprisings "in a nutshell", divided into six short acts, each of which is displayed in the next room. The element joining the parts into one whole is the figure of the narrator, presenting the main characters and facts to the spectators, taking them both into the ranks of the fighting insurgents, as well as in the chambers, where important decisions were made.

The extension of the leading path are additional materials arranged in the rooms, sorted thematically and presented in the form of substantive boards, presentations, interactive applications and non-multimedia attractions, such as the riddles "do you know?", The possibility of rebounding the insurgent badge or looking at the drawer with exhibits.

For the youngest guests, an educational path has been prepared, consisting of graphics, in an accessible way presenting the history of the Silesian Uprisings.

The museum also has an educational offer "Understanding the uprisings":

1. Museum lessons for students of all types of schools:

- Fight for Polish Silesia 1919-1921

- Everyday life in Silesian cities at the beginning of the 20th century

- Gewery and handgranaty, or the Silesian Insurgents' equipment, a few words ...

- Propaganda during the plebiscite.

2. Birthday for children:

- Sightseeing with Frank

- Kakauszale at the Museum

- Tram through Silesia

3. Educational workshops with board game "We play in the Uprising"

4. Holidays with history and holiday tours around the city.




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Świętochłowice, Śląskie
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