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The Archaeological Open-air Museum of the Carpathian Troja in Trzcinica

In the city
Contact Trzcinica 646
38-207 Przysieki

tel.: 13 440 50 40
e-mail: karpacka.troja@karpackatroja.pl


Trzcinica is located a few kilometers west of Jasło. There is a unique place here, which is the ancient Wały Królewskie settlement, which is shrouded in legends

Its special historical and cultural value makes it also known as the Carpathian Troy. Grodzisko in Trzcinica belongs to the most important archaeological monuments in Poland. It was studied by archaeologists in the 1950s and 1960s and in the years 1991 - 1998 and 2005, 2008, 2009. One of the oldest defensive settlements from the early Bronze Age (2100-1350 BC) was investigated here and found the first traces of the impact of the Anatolian-Balkan civilization on the territory of Poland. There is also one of the oldest and best preserved Slavic strongholds in Poland (780 - 1030 BC). During the excavation research, over 160,000 monuments were discovered at the Grodzisk settlement in Trzcinica, including many unique ones.

On the basis of these discoveries, the Archaeological Museum of Karpacka Troja, which is unique in the scale of Poland, was created. In its composition, apart from the fortified settlement, there is an archaeological park at his feet, in which the village of Otomani-Füzesabony and the settlement from the early Middle Ages and the forge were reconstructed. Next to the archaeological park, there is an administrative and museum building. There is an exposition with monuments from the Grodzisk settlement in Trzcinica, among them a silver treasure, consisting of coins, various decorations, pieces of silver (so-called choppers) and a unique sword sheath - a great work of early medieval art. The facility also has a cinema room, where guests can watch the award-winning film titled. Trzcinica - Karpacka Troja, as well as educational rooms and workshops. From the observation tower, located above the castle, there is an impressive view, not only to the open-air museum itself, but also to the Jaslinska Valley and the surrounding mountains on each side. Under favorable conditions, the snow-capped peaks of the Tatras can be seen on the horizon.

The open-air museum in Trzcinica, opened in 2011, despite the relatively short period of activity, is an important point not only on the tourist map of the Podkarpackie Province, but also on the whole of Poland. Every year, this place is visited by tens of thousands of tourists from Poland and abroad. A whole year, numerous groups of children and young people take part in archaeological workshops, learning how our ancestors lived and fought. Every year, open-air events are organized in the open-air museum, attracting numerous guests.

The largest of events is the Carpathian Archeological Festival Two Faces, held traditionally in the second half of August. It attracts reconstruction groups from Poland and Central Europe, thanks to which tourists can stay in the early medieval camp located at the foot of the hill, take part in battles of wars and observe the methods of making tools and ornaments in both the early Middle Ages and the Bronze Age.

In June, there is an outdoor event from the series "From Troy to the Baltic Sea", presenting peoples inhabiting antiquity in the ancient times between the coasts of the Aegean Sea and the Baltic Sea. Other outdoor events in the open-air museum are Children's Day, Sobótka or Family Archaeological Workshops held every Sunday in June, July and August, allowing guests to become acquainted with the manufacture of ancient craftsmen. The season of summer events in the open-air museum is traditionally closed by the European Heritage Days in September.



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Przysieki, Podkarpackie
, 38-207 Przysieki

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