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Water Center Laguna in Gryfino

In the city
Contact ul. Wodnika 1
74-100 Gryfino

tel.: 91 415 32 55


Gryfino is a small town, located along the Landscape Park of the Lower Oder Valley in the north-west of the map of Poland.

The village is located a few kilometers from the Polish-German border, and the largest city in its vicinity is Szczecin. If you are choosing a car for holidays on our western border, you will feel tired and you will want to relax for a moment, you can visit Gryfino and take advantage of the offer of the Laguna Water Center there. What will you find there?

The building belonging to the city and the commune was divided into two halls. In the first of them there is a 25-meter swimming pool, which, thanks to a stand that can accommodate 150 spectators, meets all kinds of criteria needed to organize sports competitions - regardless of the rank of the competition and whether the event will be a mass event.

The second hall was filled with recreational pools. We will find here a swimming pool with an artificial wild river, a swimming pool with a sea wave and a pool with massages. For those looking for more entertainment, which will provide a little adrenaline, the facility has prepared two slides. In addition, the complex is equipped with three eight-person jacuzzi baths with water and air massage. For the youngest visitors to the center, Wodna Laguna has paddling pools with a depth of 30 to 90 centimeters. These shower trays have a small slide and water geyser, which will make it easier for children spending time in the water.

For those who want to experience a moment of relaxation, an open swimming pool was prepared, which was filled with saline water. Thanks to baths in such a pool, you will regain energy, improve resistance, rejuvenate the skin and reduce stress. Time spent in brine water will especially appeal to people who suffer from chronic respiratory diseases, obesity, some skin diseases or those in need of convalescence after severe diseases.

Additional attractions that will improve your well-being are saunas, massage rooms and a salt room. In addition, the Laguna Water Center offers the opportunity to use the solarium, and for the youngest not wanting to spend time in the water has been prepared a playroom. On the second floor of the object there is a Bowling Club Broadway Club, which offers the opportunity to test your strength in the game of bowling, billiards, as well as snooker. It is worth mentioning that the entire facility has been adapted to visit disabled people, thanks to which they will be able to use most of the attractions without any problems.

The Laguna Water Center in Gryfino can be an interesting place to spend free time both for the residents of the city and surrounding areas, as well as for people passing through them. The city itself is not one of the most attractive places on the map of Poland, however, being nearby, it is worth taking a break and visiting the Laguna Water Center. Time spent in the water, regardless of whether it will have a sporty character, consisting of swimming innumerable length of the pool or recreational and relaxing, will certainly allow you to relax your muscles, although for a short moment forget about the time sat at the wheel of the car and diversify the journey to your kids .




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Gryfino, Zachodniopomorskie
, 74-100 Gryfino

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