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Exceptional hotels in Poland

Most popular among accommodation facilities, categorized according to the standard for a specified number of stars. Each hotel, apart from stars, is characterized by a varied standard of service, a different decor and, above all, by the type of Guest. If you are interested in a luxury hotel by the water, a cozy spa in the mountains, a boutique hotel in a big city or a cheap hotel in the centre, check our database - VisitON will answer all these needs!

Many hotels specialize in a specific category of Guest. You can find a lot of child-friendly hotels - where you can hear small guests at every step and the corridors are full of toys that have been scattered around. You can find childreen playground (interior and exterior) and babysitters whom will take care of your childreens free time. This is beneficial both - for you and your child. On one hand, you can have some time off and go ta a SPA or just enjoy the silence around. On the other hand, this is a perfect opportunity for your child to integrate with others as well as develop new children's skills. Who knows, maybe during such a free time, the child will develop new passions?

Still not very popular in Poland - Adult only hotels is a perfect place for those who, unlike family-friendly hotels, value silence and avoid the noise of children. This kind of specialisation is still young in Poland but those hotels who dedided to walk this path - they gather more loyal Guests with each passing year.

Regardless of the above specializations, a very large part of hotels have offer business facilities (to a smaller or larger extent) business facilities. Such hotels are equipped with conference and training rooms, appropriate quality audio-visual equipment and, of course, trained service for this purpose. In addition to the conference rooms, it is necessary to provide an infinite number of additional services, from catering and coffee breaks to the beginning and ending with the possibility of driving a car or mounting unusual equipment on the premises. Conferences in hotels have developed to such an extent that many hotels are created solely for the purpose of serving a group business guest, thus having in their offer the appropriate number of conference rooms (both small and the largest), the number of rooms and restaurants.

Finally, boutique hotels - complete opposite of business hotels and family friendly hotels. Geared towards a guest who values high quality of service and a truly individual approach. Cozy public spaces, a concierge who realizes each, often it would seem impossible task, a very specialized and unique cuisine. It is just a few of the advantages of such places. Boutique hotels often have several rooms on offer, which guarantees full discretion and silence around.

The location often goes hand in hand with the specialization. In big cities, we will find bigger hotels with bed and breakfast offer or limited vicinity to nature, yet with swimming pool and other wellness facilities. Still, boutique hotels will dominate in particular areas (or aparthotels). Rural areas on the other hand will most likely offer resort hotels or natural SPA or Medi SPA facilities. Mountains or lakesides will be a place for resorts.

Many hotels have a SPA in the name. There are spa & wellness hotels, holistic and medical spas, nature spa etc. Many hotels call themselves "SPA hotels" just by having a small swimming pool in offer. What really differentiates them and what can we expect from choosing a specific spa?

SPA & Wellness hotels / Holistic SPA - these unique spa hotels make sure that their guests experience the Wellness philosophy not only in massage rooms but during every stage of his leisure

A visitor spending time in such a place can expect a menu in a restaurant composed for healthy eating, at the same time being a feast for the senses. In addition to the accommodation offer, holistic hotels will also have a fitness room, outdoor sport program (like Nordic Walking, hiking, bicycling etc.) and the chef will prepare tasty smoothies based on vegetables and fruits to power you up.

While waiting for massage, you can expect delicious coffee or tea and no matter what kind of treatment you order, your therapist will alwyas adapt to your expectations and prepare a treatment that will meet your needs (or your body needs). At the end of the stay we will receive a gift commemorating the hotel. To sum up, holistic SPA hotels are places that will take care of you in a very complex way on every level and it is not made by a rule but by a philosophy.

There is no rule on where such hotels can be located - they can be either inside a large cities (or near them) or on countryside. Still, the most popular SPA hotels can be found on green parts of Poland - in mountains, by the lake (like Mazuria) or by the sea.

SPA Resorts Resort & SPA hotels combine biological regeneration with external physical activity. These hotels often have plenty of ways of spending free time. You can expect activities with fitness trainer, fields for basketball, volleyball, tennis. Horse riging lessons, golf court, squash and many many more. Everything that is needed for someone who wants to take care of his health but also to rest from traffic jams and polluted air. It is a perfect place to find peace and quiet

Destination SPA - SPA hotels, which are called Destination, are objects whose offer is addressed to an individual guest with clearly defined health needs. Such places are chosen by people who want to go on a diet, clean the body under the supervision of a specialist or fight the addiction.

Medical SPA - as the name suggests, Hotels Medical SPA, or medi-spa, are hotels in Poland, which, in addition to a package of beauty treatments, also have a range of treatments to improve the state of our health: through rehabilitation and care to healing. In hotels of this type, we often find treatments of aesthetic medicine.

Health spa - strongly connected with Medical SPA, hotels with a health SPA speciality are based on natural methods of treatment. They are characterized by a location know of its natural sources beneficial to our body: at thermal springs, salt graduation towers etc.

Beauty SPA - favorite hotels of all women - beauty SPA, are characterized by complexity in the approach to the theme of beauty. The offer of these hotels is aimed at the extraction of beauty that lies in each of us. We can find here treatments for whole or selected parts of the body, as well as a number of cosmetic treatments using the latest technologies and treatments of aesthetic medicine. In beauty SPA hotels we will arrange also with a beautician and hairdresser.

Family SPA - family spa hotels, are places where you relax not only parents, but also their children. Here the little ones will experience relaxing treatments tailored specifically to their age, and whole families will be able to take part in exciting additional activities.


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