Apartment / Aparthotel
Properties for rent

For those who prefer independence during the holidays or like to cook alone, the most suitable choice will be apartments or aparthotels. Residential units of such facilities are characterized by access to kitchens or kitchenettes and having a separate bedroom and living room. Apartments are often furnished in a luxurious way and resemble the apartments in high standard hotels. Apartment for rent in Masuria is next to the guest rooms one of the most searched ways to spend a holiday. The apartment can be rented alone, or with friends or family (depending on the size), and their location is usually also one of its advantages.
Apartments for rent by the lake are located primarily close to the old towns, close to the sailing yachts or near the ports. Apartments in the mountains can also be found close to the center, and apartments near the old towns usually cost the most - hence we can count on the fact that such an apartment in the mountains will not only be an interesting place to visit the nearby attractions, but a pleasant stay in itself. Apartments by the sea, depending on the operator, may also have additional bonuses in the form of access to a private pool in the building - this is the case, for example, if you decide to have a specific apartment for rent in Gdansk. Not only we are close to the old city, we can rest in the private pool in the evening.


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