Osada Danieli Jaroszówka

Kontakt Kolonia Jaroszówka
59-225 Chojnów

kom.: 664 654 416


Osada Danieli znajduje się w dolinie rzeki Czarnej Wody.

It is surrounded by magical forests of Lower Silesian forests, which are the largest complex of dry pine, heather and cowberry forests in Poland.

The fallow deer breeding was established in March 2007. Visitors to the settlement can see in it:

- Populated animals - fallow deer, goats, sheep, llamas, Vietnamese pigs, cattle of Małopolska, Scottish cattle, Shetland ponies.

- Rodents - beaver, wild rabbits, rabbits, nutria.

- Kangaroos.

- Dogs, cats.

- Birds - swans, geese, wild ducks, duck ducks, French ducks, ornamental chickens, perliki, turkeys, Indian peacocks, silver pheasants and gold pheasants.


In addition, visitors to the Deer Settlement can feed animals, milk goats, commune with animals, and participate in barbecues or bonfires. A playground is prepared for the youngest. Occasional events, outdoor parties, sleigh rides and mushroom picking are also organized.

In the neighboring town - Rokitki, there is a post-glacial lake with its own microclimate, which plays an active role of recreation and relaxation in the summer. Anglers will also find something for themselves here. The nearby Czarna Woda river can fish, including pike, perch and roach.




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Chojnów, Dolnośląskie
Kolonia Jaroszówka 1, 59-225 Chojnów

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