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Rabkoland to jeden z najpopularniejszych Rodzinnych Parków Rozrywki w Polsce, którego historia sięga aż 1985 roku.

Located in the area of ​​beautiful mountain areas, the town of Rabka-Zdrój, in which Rabkoland is located, is a tourist resort frequented by tourists, in which visitors seek peace, tranquility in the bosom of nature and good fun. Relaxation will provide holidaymakers with picturesque breathtaking areas, and for all fans of unforgettable experiences there is a lot of attractions in Rabkoland. Are you ready for great fun? Set, Go!


In the whole area, it will be difficult for you to find a place as rich in attractions for children as in Rabkoland. Here, the children and their parents will be able to be completely drawn into the whirl of fun on a large mill, driving cars or water bikes. All this thanks to carousels adapted to children of all ages. The smallest children are waiting ponies, cars, Venetian carousels. The older ones will be able to take part in water battles thanks to cannons and feel the adrenaline on slightly larger carousels.

Viking village

Do you want to feel like real warriors for a moment? To face the legendary Vikings? Know their habits? Visit the Vikings village in Rabkoland! Here, through play, you will learn a bit more about the life of Scandinavian warriors who conquered the seas and land tens of decades ago.

Scary mansion

If you are not afraid of ghosts and wraiths, you like to feel the thrill and you are big fans of horror movies - Haunted mansion will be a place where you can really get scared! This is a place where you will find horrifying horror scenes with realistic skeletons, ghosts and vampires. Do you want to find out if you're going away from here

Inverted house

Do you think that you have seen everything in your life? Do you want to completely deny the laws of physics and gravity? It's not a dream - it's a reality! In Rabkoland, literally everything stood on its head. Well ... at least one house. Here you can see upside-down furniture and furnishings, as well as rooms decorated in a packet.

Theaters of Movable Figures

In no other amusement park you will find as many moving figures as in Rabkoland. Each of them tells a remarkable story that you must get to know. All you need is one red button to move to another world and get acquainted with Luck's nurse, farmers, singing vegetables, talking toadstool or butler.


Rabkoland is not just entertainment, it's also learning through play. Here, in one of the funniest museums in Poland, you will experience unforgettable moments. In the Museum of Records and Peculiarities you will see items and documents related to breaking various records, you will learn the curiosities about their achievement. And all this at your fingertips! Thanks to the fact that the exhibits are available in an accessible way for visitors, here you can explore the world through experience.

In the area of ​​Rabkoland there is also the Museum of the Order of Smile - the only decoration awarded to adults by children. Here you will see extraordinary orders and letters from children for the award of an award for adult merits in everyday life.

It all adds up to one extraordinary amusement park where great fun, relaxation and learning meet. This makes it an ideal place for the whole family, which you can come to unconventional to spend your free time.




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Rabka Zdrój, Małopolskie
Rynek, 34-700 Rabka-Zdrój

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