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Inwałd Park to kompleks 5 parków tematycznych, które tworzą miejsce doskonałe do spędzania wolnego czasu wspólnie z rodziną.

The wide range of attractions of this park means that regardless of age, the youngest children, school-age youth and adults who want to keep their children entertained will be great here. After crossing Inwałd Park, you will be captivated by the enormity of its attractions. And the best thing is that you only have one admission ticket to use them all! Prepared for great fun? See what awaits you!

Miniature park

If in one day you want to make an amazing journey around the world, visit Australia, see the characteristic Greek buildings, learn about Asian culture and fly to China - you do not have to buy a plane ticket. All you need to do is visit the Miniature Park in Inwałd Park. Here, in the 1:15 scale, the most beautiful and characteristic places on Earth were reproduced. Thanks to that, you can see the Eiffel Tower or stand next to the Great Wall of China with your own eyes. One day on many continents - an amazing and unforgettable journey!


Your children are so caught up in paleontology as Ross - one of the characters in the comedy series of all-time "Friends"? Everything is possible in Dinolandia! Here, children and their parents face eye-to-eye with a dangerous tyrannosaur and see with their own eyes the largest predators that have ever tread on our planet. Dinosaurs are not the only attractions of Dinolandia. Parents and carers will rest here in the shade of reed umbrellas having children under control, and children outside of learning about dinosaurs will be able to visit the Cave of Secrets and walk along its winding paths. Who knows where they lead?

The Inwałd stronghold

If you have always wondered what life was like in the Middle Ages and how you would look if you were born in the fifteenth century - visit the Fortress in Inwałd Park. Here you will learn about the customs and life of the Slavs, visit the medieval castle and the settlement that will bring you closer to the old days. In the Inwałd Fortress, time stood still - the potter burns pots, the women weave materials on the loom, the blacksmith forges the swords for the knights, and the shoemaker manufactures leather ciżemek.


Mini Pony Zoo

At the foot of the Little Beskids, among the beautiful hills and picturesque terrains, there is the Mini Zoo Pony. Here, the diversity of the world of flora and fauna meets, and the attractive areas make it an ideal place to relax, especially for families with children. You will meet here different species of animals, from the less known, for example: banett kangaroos, zebu or sheds for slightly more common animals such as ponies or donkeys. It is a perfect place to organize team-building trips, a school barbecue during a trip or the birthday of your child, which thanks to a stay at the Mini Zoo Pony will be unforgettable!

Garden of John Paul II

Inwałd Park attracts not only the youngest visitors, but also the elderly. All thanks to the amazing garden of John Paul II. Inwałd, where the park and garden are located, is located near Wadowice, Kraków and Kalwaria Zebrzydowska - cities particularly close to Pope John Paul II. That is why following the footsteps of our saint, it is worth visiting the John Paul II Garden in Inwałd Park. Why? There are extraordinary porters of the Pope from his life, also from the Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican. You will also be able to admire here the great flower mosaics that are a likeness of John Paul II. In peace, in the bosom of nature, you will walk through the alleys of gardens and participate in the memory of the most important moments of our beloved Pope.

Inwałd Park, due to the rich number of attractions for people of all ages, is a great place to spend free time even with a multi-generational family. Here granddaughters will meet with grandparents and parents to enjoy an eventful day together.




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Inwałd, Małopolskie
ul. Wadowicka 169 , 34-120 Inwałd

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