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W pobliżu Janowca nad Wisłą, wśród rozległych łąk, zielonych lasów i lessowych wąwozów, położony jest rodzinny park tematyczny - Magiczne Ogrody.

Engter to the world of fairy tales!

This is the first family themed park in Poland built on the basis of an original fairytale story telling about two powerful wizards - Aragu and Zorana. Their life paths, often interweaving, have shaped beautiful and mysterious Magical Gardens, which today can admire each of us.

Crossing the Gate of Magic Gardens you will enter an extraordinary world in which mysterious, unknown beings live. Among the trees, thousands of blooming flowers, streams and waterfalls lie the magical land where refuge was found: mischievous Mordole, friendly Robanki, hard-working Bulwiaks, ancient trees, mysterious fairy parties, colorful magic birds, powerful dragons and valiant dwarves.

To the lands kept in the atmosphere of fairy tales and fantasy, you will reach the thousands of fragrant roses, roaring waterfalls and streams. In the beautiful scenery of a few hectares garden you will discover playgrounds, places of rest and secrets. Each of the lands offers other attractions, designed to support the development of the child's senses and imagination.

Magical Gardens is a sensory park, built based on the most up-to-date knowledge of pedagogy. Playgrounds and individual lands in Magical Gardens are specially designed experimental fields equipped with devices and elements that stimulate curiosity and creativity, while engaging and stimulating the senses of children. Children can also play with fairytales without any embarrassment - animators who always remain at the guests' disposal, know a lot of interesting games and the history of Magic Gardens. The attraction for the youngest children will certainly be a rollercoaster ride through the Flower Valley and fun with a shaggy Mordol. Older children will enjoy a visit to the Dwarven City, where they will be able to learn the fencing - Magical Gardens under the eye of the Dwarves.


For guests over six years of age waiting for a chilling trip to the sombre, swampy Mroczyńska, where they will be able to confront the powerful Arag.

In the park there are also restaurants, a cafe and a shop with original souvenirs. The garden is adapted for visits of disabled people. There are comfortable toilets, changing tables, a safe beach and wide walking paths for children and families, which are easy to navigate with a children's pram. Free parking includes several buses and more than 1,100 cars.

Magical Gardens have been appreciated three times in the Internet users' vote for the best tourist attraction of the Lublin province, and they took the first place in the plebiscite for the best attraction for children in Poland! The Polish Tourist Organization awarded Magiczny Ogrody with the Best Tourist Product Certificate of 2015! Magical Gardens are among the renowned attractions from all over Poland, such as the Archaeological Museum in Biskupin, the Wrocław Zoo and the POLIN Museum.

Magical Gardens are located in Trzcianki near Janowiec (Trzcianki 92, 24-123 Janowiec). Guests can visit the park from Monday to Friday between 10-17 and on weekends and holidays between 10 and 19. You will find this information and the price list on the website





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Janowiec, Lubelskie
Trzcianki 92, 24-123 Janowiec

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