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Na południu Polski między dwoma (poza Warszawą) najbardziej rozpoznawanymi w świecie miastami Polski rozpościera się ok osiemdziesięciokilometrowa kraina

This land is a paradise for everyone who appreciates beauty and recreation at the highest level. The Kraków-Częstochowa Upland, because of it, is an extremely attractive tourist destination and enjoying a constantly growing popularity, which is able to satisfy even the most demanding travel amateurs. Its name suggests both the geological period in which it was created (the central part of the Mesozoic called the Jura), characteristic features of the landscape (the presence of numerous limestone rocks, dolomites, marls and caves) and the geographical location (between Krakow - the former capital of Poland and Częstochowa - one of the most important cities of the cult of Mary in Europe).

Already in medieval times it was known that the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland was an extremely important place for the entire Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. It is in this area that a number of castles and strongholds have been built, which today together with numerous outliers and caves form the Trail of Eagles' Nests, the first in the country, designated by Kazimierz Ignacy Sosnowski himself, one of the most prominent Polish tour guards and tourism tourists.

It starts in Krakow to finish after 163,9 full of attractions for miles in Częstochowa. On its route there are, among others: Castle in Korzkiew, Castle in Ojców, Castle Pieskowa Skala, Castle Rabsztyn, Castle Smoleń, Castle Ogrodzieniec, Castle Bobolice, Castle in Olsztyn in the province. Silesia. Most of the eagle strongholds are constantly expanded by new attractions, recreation and entertainment centers aimed not only to bring people closer to their history, but above all to encourage them to visit their walls again.

But the Trail of Eagles' Nests, which in 2012 received the title of the Best Polish Tourist Product and obtained the Certificate of the Polish Tourist Organization, are not only objects erected by man, but also those created by nature.

These include: the Prądnik river valley, leading through more than 2,100 hectares, Ojcowski National Park (the smallest and one of the most interesting Polish nature reserves, located near Kraków's smog), limestone Maczuga Herkulesa, approx. 25 meters, unusual shape called the Krakowska Gate, a dark cave visited with candles or the center of climbing the Jurassic Rock of Kroczyce. It is located in the Jura area that was created as a result of human activities, today overgrowing, but still the largest inland sand bed in Europe, Błędowska Desert.


The Eagles' Nests Trail, although the best known, is not the only tourist route leading through the Kraków-Częstochowa Jura region. Right next to it runs countless paths, both pedestrians, as well as cycling or horse-drawn, which have the task of bringing people who love it to this extraordinary place. Some of them focus on the beauty of the Jurassic landscape, wandering among the countless rocky outliers and caves. Some of them lead to unique places, such as: the reconstructed Castle on the Birów Mountain in which you can learn about the realities of medieval life, the grave of Cadyk Dawid Biderman in Lelów to which Jews from all over the world come, movable Olsztyńska Szopka by Jan Wewióra made of lime tree or formed in the Częstochowa quarry Park of Miniatures of Sacred, presenting the most magnificent and the best-known religious temples.

Still others are a challenge for all sports enthusiasts, including extreme ones, and lead not only to numerous climbing and quad tracks, but also to such places as AndrenaLinaPark in Podzamcze or the Sled Track which is part of the Ogrodzieniec Park. All of them, regardless of their purpose, show that the Kraków-Częstochowa Jura is in every respect a unique place and should become the goal of every self-respecting traveler.




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