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Guest Rooms Kukułka

Price: 35,00PLN
Contact Stronie Śląskie - Wieś
ul.Leśna 2
telefon komórkowy: 509 725 055


We invite you to the mountains at any time of the year in the area of Czarna Góra in the Kłodzko region

we invite you to the area of ​​the Śnieżnik Massif - beautiful areas around Czarna Góra. "In the week of the city walls and for the weekend in the mountains"

  • 4-person "wicker room"
  • 4-person room with the option of extra bed for 5th Guest,
  • 2-person room for lovers.
  • 5-person room "kasztanki and siwka"
  • 4-person room with the option of extra bed for 5th Guest,

There is a free WiFi access on the entire property.

Parking spaces in front of the cottage are free.

 you can order home-made meals for the price:

  • hot breakfast served at. 9:00 - 15PLN
  • dinner served at 17:00 - 25PLN

or you can use a large, fully equipped kitchen with a dining room, for 2, PLN per room per day using the kitchen.

Please read few basic (yet madatory) rules below:

1 / Guests commit to comply with the order in the Lodge Lu-Sy Cuckoo and to use all rooms in accordance with their purpose.

2 / Use of felts, heaters, etc. in the rooms will be the basis for charging an additional fee.

The use of own energy-consuming devices such as a coffee machine, electric kettle, termomix, toaster, is only allowed in the kitchen.

You can prepare meals only in the kitchen. The consumption of meals is possible only in the dining room.

Please, use footwear while inside house


Specific details



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Stronie Śląskie, Dolnośląskie
, Stronie Śląskie

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