Guest houses and mansions
Properties for rent

You do not want to go on holiday to a hotel, but preparing your own dishes is not a dream job for you during the holidays? Choose a guest house or country house. These accommodation facilities are a perfect combination of comfortable rest with silence and intimacy, as well as home aura and warmth. Similarly to guest rooms - in the mansions, the owner usually cares about the object himself. Just like in a hotel, each guest gets the keys to his room, and the restaurant takes care of food. Therefore, the guesthouse is a kind of cheaper equivalent of the hotel (the guesthouses are also categorized by the number of stars - the more, the higher the standard). The difference is usually the size and, above all, the price. A mansion by the sea is usually a smaller and more intimate facility than a hotel, but it meets all the requirements of comfortable accommodation and meals. Do you want to see the slopes on the horizon every morning? Choose a guesthouse in the mountains, which you can find not only in the center, but also on the outskirts of tourist towns. Most popular are guesthouses and manors in Masuria, which are created in historic manor houses and palaces from past eras, now beautifully restored and tempting with their appearance.


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