Holiday resorts
Properties for rent

Designed for guests of all ages and prepared for longer stays - this is the characteristics of the holiday resorts. Guests choosing holiday resorts can count on the themed evenings, animations for children and adults, access to various activities not only internal but also external. As the name suggests - a holiday resort is a perfect place for holidays, prepared both from the rooms and catering as well as from the back of the activity - regardless of whether we choose the north or south of our country.
Choosing a holiday resort in the mountains, we can find short and long stay packages, which in their offer will have activities related to the region - skiing or workshops of local ceramics or cheese-making. Such facilities provide their guests with complete leisure scenarios full of attractions. Holiday centers by the sea can organize optional excursions (walking or traveling) around nearby monuments, suggest guests to show iodine (especially in autumn and winter, when iodine is the most in the sea air) or provide theme nights in the facility. Holiday resorts in Masuria are usually extensive, open areas, where we can rent all kinds of swimming equipment: from kayaks and waterboats, to motorboats and sailing boats. Here, guests will not complain about the lack of classes - sailing schools are becoming more and more popular, preparing young people to be a full member of the crew and those who can apply for a sailing license.


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