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Museum - Literary Workshop of Arkady Fiedler in Puszczykowo

In the city
Contact ul. Słowackiego 1
62-041 Puszczykowo

tel.: 61 813 37 94
tel.: 61 813 31 90
kom.: 601 688 196
e-mail: marekfiedler@pro.onet.pl


Arkady Fiedler's Museum-Literary Workshop began operations on January 1, 1974.

The institution is located in the old house of the Fiedler family in Puszczykowo near Poznań. Arkady Fiedler bought this villa from the state in 1946, after returning home from war emigration.

In 1948 he brought here from London his wife of Italian nationality, Maria née Maccariello, and two juvenile sons, Arkady Radosław and Marek. Over the years, the interest of Arkady Fiedler's readers grew in the home where he lived and worked, as well as the traveling exhibits he collected.

This gave the writer and his family the idea of ​​creating a museum in a family villa. Throughout 1973, adaptation works were under way, in which the Fiedler family and friends took part, especially two: Marek Fiedler's father-in-law Feliks Skrzypczak (1912-1999), a builder by profession, which the old Fiedler house from 1926, carefully refurbished, sacrificed effort, restoring its former glory. The second person was a man of great fantasy, visual artist Zygmunt Konarski (1936-2004) who helped arrange the exhibition.

In addition, Zygmunt Konarski was a passionate creator of the majority of garden statues. In 1991, by the decision of the City Council in Puszczykowo, all subsidies were withdrawn from the facility and from that moment the Museum - the Workshop is solely on its own.

By the end of 2000, the facility was visited by over a million guests from Poland and abroad. A lot of people come here many times, each time discovering something new, another curiosity. The Fiedlers family takes them.




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Puszczykowo, Wielkopolskie
Słowackiego 1, 62-041 Puszczykowo

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