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Accomodation and tourist attractions in Reszel

Founded in 1337 under Chełm law, Reszel is a former castle of Prussian Bartów conquered during the Teutonic conquests in the thirteenth century. The former Prussian name of Resl, Rossel, has survived to our times without significant changes - it functioned in Prussian, episcopal, under-partitioned and today. In the thirteenth century, the Teutonic Knights handed over a wooden stronghold together with the settlement of the Warmian bishop Anselm. In the second half of the fourteenth century Reszel began to expand dynamically. At that time many key building was raised  - town hall, the church of St. Peter and Paul and the church of the Augustians. The walls, towers and city gates were built from the granting of city rights, ie 1337. On the edge of the deep Sajna steamer between 1350 and 1401 a bishop's castle was erected, which from the middle of the fifteenth century had only the character of an episcopal residence.

Today, Reszel is inscribed on the international list of historic cities of ICOMOS under the patronage of UNESCO. The city is dotted with monuments of high value. Three brick gothic bridges were moved across the river in the fourteenth century, after which a circular movement takes place to this day. The medieval layout of the city has survived with the market square and streets leading out of its corners. Most of the residential buildings of the oldest part come from the times after the city fire in the early nineteenth century. From 1815 there is a town hall, granaries from the 17th and 19th centuries. Gothic church of Saint. Peter and Paul is the dominant building (height of the tower over 50m - a magnificent viewpoint). Inside, we will see the 15th century vaults, the nineteenth-century main altar funded by Bishop Józef Hohenzollern, the magnificent organ from 1829. The bishop's castle is a 3-winged building enclosed in a quadrilateral wall with porches. The bishop's rooms were located in the southern wing (the wing after the first partition in 1772 was the Evangelical church, today it houses the art gallery - a branch of the Museum of Warmia and Mazury). The castle tower is a great vantage point. On its individual floors you can see the tools of torture, fragments of medieval wooden water pipes. From the tower, we will also enter the defense porch, from which we will see GDNisko (a medieval toilet tower). The oldest residential building in Reszel is the rebuilt and stylistically changed presbytery of the parish of Saint. Peter and Paul. The building's back wall is based on the city wall, and dates back to 1444. In the 18th century, the parish priest was Marcin Krasicki - brother of Bishop Ignacy Krasicki. For this reason, this probably best-known bishop of Warmia was a frequent visitor to Reszel. Charmingly located cafes, a city park located in Sajna, time stopped in old tenement houses - all this can be found in this small city with a rich history.


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