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Accommodation in Ostróda

The Pearl of Western Masuria, or Ostróda, is located on the Drwęca Lake, on the Drwęca River, on the Elbląg Canal route. The city impresses with its charm of waters and surrounding forests. It is an important junction of water routes - you can get there from the Baltic Sea in two roads (the Drwęca River and the Elbląg Canal).

It is also an ideal base in which you can choose unusual accommodation. Ostróda offers hotels that meet the expectations of every tourist. Here you can find cheap rooms, comfortable guest houses as well as luxurious spa hotels.

Along the shore of the Drwęckie Lake there is a beautiful promenade with a pier - it is the perfect place for a walk. Along the way, there is a fountain that makes a special impression after dark thanks to its unique light and sound effects. In Ostróda on the Drwęckie Lake there is also an amphitheater, where various events take place and Collis Park with attractions for children.

Among the monuments in Ostróda there is a Teutonic castle from the 14th century - it is the former headquarters of the commander. Currently, its premises include a museum, library and cultural center. It is also worth seeing the Gothic church of Saint. Dominika Savio, an evangelical and methodological church from 1970, and a neo-gothic church of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary from the 19th century.

In this city also the so-called Bismarck Tower built in 1902 as the first building of this type in East Prussia. Close to these monuments there are cozy hotels from which Ostróda is famous. You can take a 2.5-hour cruise on the Ostróda-Elbląg boat to Stare Jabłonki or Miłomłyn.

Accommodation Ostróda is a selection of hotels, guest houses, holiday centers, agritourism, hostels, motels, campsites and campsites. At night you can also stay in monuments such as: Old School or Kraplewo Manor. You can also find accommodation in guest rooms in Ostróda.


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