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Rooms for rent in Suwałki

Suwałki is a tourist town located in the Podlasie region. It is located near the eastern border of Poland, north of Augustów, on the Hańcza River, among forests and lakes. Close to the famous Lake Wigry.

In this city there is the Arkadia Lagoon. A large city beach also extends above it. The city has excellent conditions for tourism, as the Wigry National Park and the Suwałki Landscape Park are not far from here. You can do water tourism, hiking and cycling here. Numerous agritourism farms encourage tourists to relax.

In Suwałki, there is the Museum of History and Tradition of Suwałki Region Soldiers, which has an interesting collection of souvenirs of Suwałki regiments and an open-air exhibition on military equipment. It is also worth taking a look here at the Avenue of Blues Stars, the pedestrian promenade of Maria Konopnicka Square. There is also an Aquapark here.

The city's monuments include the św cathedral. Alexander, the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Orthodox Church of All Saints, the town hall and historic tenement houses.


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