Rooms and accomodation in Białystok

Podlasie is your destination? Are you looking for a place to stay there? Białystok is a city that has a long history and many interesting places to visit.

Białystok is the largest city in north-eastern Poland and at the same time the capital of the Podlasie province. The city is often called the green lungs of Poland, because 32% of the city's area is occupied by green areas, which include three nature reserves: Zwierzyniecki Forest, Antoniuk Reserve and Bagno Reserve. Due to its location in close proximity to Lithuania, Belarus and Russia, the city is a place where different cultures, nationalities and religions meet, which significantly influenced its specific character.

The first mention of Bialystok appears on the pages of history around the year 1426, when buildings were built at the intersection of roads to surrounding settlements. Over the years, public buildings and sacred buildings joined the building, and then transform into a thriving city. The long history left behind many monuments (among which there are not only churches, but also palaces, tenement houses, villas and cemeteries) and tourist routes that in an interesting way allow visitors to get to know the city. Tourists can therefore visit Białystok along the Jewish Heritage Trail, the trail of architecture of the PRL, the trail of the Branicki family and six others.

As the capital of Podlasie, Białystok abounds in museums and galleries, as well as theaters and philharmonics. Thanks to the Bialystok Puppet Theater Białystok, he was called the Polish center of puppetry. The choirs are very active here, and there are 9 cinemas and 17 libraries in the city. No wonder that every year more and more tourists visit this beautiful city. Visiton has prepared for you an offer for accommodation in Białystok and the closest vicinity to make getting to know all the attractions even more enjoyable!

The multitude of cyclical events - festivals, concerts and general cultural events means that you can not complain about the lack of activities. Hence our conviction that accommodation in Bialystok is a erfect option!


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