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Accommodation in Wieliczka

Wieliczka is located in the central part of the Małopolska province. It is a famous city not only in Poland, but also in the world, thanks to the beautiful Salt Mine, visited every year by over 1 million tourists. This mine is a maze of underground sidewalks and it is a valuable monument of material culture and technical thought.

However, the Salt Mine is not the only attraction of Wieliczka. It is also worth visiting the other places to get to know this interesting city. Among them is the Saltworks Castle, which was founded in the thirteenth century, the church of St. Sebastian, the Konopki Palace and the church of St. Clement.

An interesting 3D image was created on the upper market plate. A new tourist attraction of the city is Tężnia Solankowa, which is the largest graduation tower in the south of Poland. It offers health tours on the ground floor, the observation deck and the tower.

All year round accommodation consists of motels and hotels in Wieliczka with a total of 360 seats, guesthouses - 40 beds, as well as the Pilgrim House at the monastery of. Franciscans for 50 seats. Seasonally, there are also campsites for about 50 places.


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