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Accommodation in Rabka Zdrój

Rabka Zdrój is located in the Lesser Poland region. It lies at the junction of two important transport routes from Krakow to Zakopane and from Bielsko-Biała to Nowy Sącz. It is a town located in a picturesque basin, formed by Ponokaanka and Słonowo streams flowing into the Raby River. The natural richness of Rabka Zdrój is brine, which is used in drinking, bathing and inhalation.

The village also offers a wide range of treatments and specialist advice. Available to tourists - patients are numerous sanatoria and spa hospitals. Spa Park is the heart of the spa. It has been divided into two parts: the sun and shadow zone. The first one is a walking, representation and relaxation function, while the other one is a walking and reflection nature.

Tourism is particularly popular in this place. The attractive location of Rabka at the foot of the Gorce and the Beskid Wyspowy, makes it an excellent starting point for mountain trips. For lovers of white madness await here perfectly prepared slopes for downhill skiing and cross-country ski trails.

In Rabka there are also for the youngest tourists. There is, among others, the Rabkoland Amusement Park, where there are carousels, go-karts, rollercoaster, as well as a mill wheel and many other attractions. There is also the Museum of the Order of the Smile and the House of Records and Curiosities in this town.


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