Accommodation in Lower Poland region

The most famous cities of the Małopolska region? Of course, Cracow and Zakopane. Who did not have the opportunity to admire Wawel or go around Krupówki?

However, if he has not done it yet - it's worth it! It is also worth to see Oświęcim, the salt mine in Bochnia, the market square in Nowy Sącz or go through the Tatras. There would be no room for it to mention all the attractions that Małopolska offers (and also accommodation).

One thing is certain: while admiring the wonders of this region, you must finally go to sleep. There are plenty of accommodation places - from agritourism and bed and breakfasts in quiet regions, through private accommodation in the heart of cities, to hotels that additionally offer relaxation in a spa or swimming pool. Well-chosen accommodation (Lesser Poland has quite a lot of it) will guarantee strength for winter madness on the slopes, summer trips to the Tatras, a family visit to Krakow or trips to Morskie Oko.

It is worth checking what accommodations we offer in this region.


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