Accommodation in Lubuskie region

What connects Rio de Janeiro with the Lubuskie region? Well, an important figure - the statuette of Jesus. Both of these regions can be proud of the monuments of the Redeemer, who are unparalleled anywhere else in the world.

In order to see this monument, you do not have to go to Rio, because we have it, it is possible to have it at your fingertips. In addition to the famous monument, it also has many other tourist attractions to offer: numerous monuments, Dinosaur Park, nature reserve "Nietoperek", and for those thirsty for enormous excitement - Przystanek Pol and Rock Festival in Kostrzyn Nad Odrą - the most famous festival in Poland.

Whatever the reason for arriving in this area, it's worth taking care of a good night's sleep - one that will help you rest before sightseeing, a family getaway or madness at concerts.

VisitON takes out a helping hand and helps you find comfortable Lubuskie accommodation close to key places. For those looking for relaxation, we offer SPA hotels in Gorzów Wielkopolski or Zielona Góra or family apartments near amusement parks.

Also, businessmen can find here rooms or hotels for the organization of a company trip or conference in Lubuskie. This destination is sometimes a little underestimated, somewhat off the beaten track, although the tourist offer will surely delight many of us - Lubuskie has enormous possibilities!


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