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The location of the religious watchtower was associated with the political and military situation of the Order in Poland.

"In the year of the Lord 1234 brother and master Herman, after he had removed the Prussians from the Chelm land, he gathered the army of brothers and armed men and built a castle in Radzyń on the edge of the wilderness, which stretched between the Chełmno land and Pomezania, in a place where constant invasions took place. Prussians and where there was access to the land of Chełmno [...] "wrote in his Chronicle of the Prussian Land, the German chronicler, Piotr Dusburga (part III chapter 12. About the construction of the castle Radzyń and about the miraculous vision of a brother there).

The stronghold, erected to the north-east of the Chełmno land, was supposed to cover the current state of ownership and at the same time constitute a base for excursions to the Prussian districts: Pomezania and Pogezania.

The exact date of commencement of the construction of the castle is unknown. Most likely, right after granting municipal rights in 1234, the Teutonic Knights set up a wooden and earth defensive structure. However, the brick building, whose remains we can admire to this day, began to build at the end of the thirteenth or early fourteenth century. The castle in Radzyń Chełmiński built by the Order of the Hospital of the Blessed Virgin Mary of the German House in Jerusalem is a model example of the conventual castle. From the very beginning, he played a very important role in the monastic state.

It was here, after the defeat in the Grunwald fields in 1410, the great Königsberg steward, Jerzy von Wirsberg, deposited a large part of the religious treasury, including the personal silver of the great master Ulrych von Jungingen. The main damage occurred in the 17th century during the Swedish wars.

The castle complex consisted of two wards and a high castle. All this was covered with a moat watered by a nearby lake. The castle, built on a square plan with dimensions of 52.8 to 52.1 m, had four corner towers slightly extended beyond the face of the walls. In addition, in the middle was the fifth highest tower, the so-called Stolpe.

Despite the fact that the castle has not survived to the present day in full, the remaining ruins delight and confirm the size and the seriousness of the building. First, we are greeted by two towering towers towering above the area, and when we cross the gate, we find many places where we can feel the breeze of history. The southern wing is best preserved: a chapel with original servants, brackets and capitals (one can see the carved face of Jesus on one of them), penitential cells, two rooms above the gate. Visible are the remains of the refectory, dormitory, and chapter-house.

Cellars are in very good condition, in which there are: a banquet room, a museum room, a torture chamber. Going to the towers captivate the original XV century portals, both granite and decorative colored ceramics.

It was here that the first two episodes of the film "Pan Samochodzik i Templariusze" with Stanisław Mikulski were recorded. The remains of the film set are secret characters engraved in the wall.




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Radzyń Chełmiński, Kujawsko-Pomorskie
Ludwika Waryńskiego, 87-220 Radzyń Chełmiński

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