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Aparthotel - a hotel offering a flat for rent for a day. Unlike apartments for rent, aparthotel offers additional services that resembles hotel

Accommodation base - a set of facilities and accompanying devices providing accommodation for tourists

Apartment - a residential unit consisting of at least: a living room with an area (minimum) of 25 m2, a bedroom with a bathroom, an auxiliary entrance part with a separate toilet.

Botel - anchored facility, ship providing accommodation services

Boutique - a luxurious, intimate hotel, adapted to the individual needs of the guest

Condo-hotel – a hotel whose rooms / apartments are owner units under the management of the hotel

Hostel – an affordable property with basic equipment, often with dormitory rooms

Hotel - an object with at least 10 rooms, providing a wide range of services related to the stay of guests: such a facility must meet the categorization requirements resulting from the regulation of the Minister of Economy of June 13, 2001, as amended

Hotel biznesowy – an object adapted to receive guests as part of business tourism

A congress hotel - a hotel prepared for reception and serving a large group of people at the same time - from several to several thousand

Hotel garni - hotel offering only bed and breakfast

Pension - an object with at least 7 rooms, meeting the requirements set out in the Regulation of the Minister of Economy of June 13, 2001, as amended

Hotel facility - a building or a set of buildings whose main function is to meet the living needs of persons temporarily away from their permanent place of residence

Motel - a hotel facility located by communication routes, adapted to receive motorized guests, meeting the standard requirements specified in the Regulation of the Minister of Economy of June 13, 2001, as amended.

Campsite - a guarded facility allowing accommodation in tents and caravans, preparing meals and parking cars

Accommodation facility - real estate serving permanently or temporarily for accommodation purposes

Campground - an unsecured facility that allows you to stay in tents

Guest rooms - facilities adapted to receive guests, being part of an object with another leading function

Youth hostel - individual and group facilities for youth tourism, adapted to the self-service of guests

Excursion houses - facilities with at least 30 beds, providing a basic range of services

Extended stay hotel - hotel for extended stay

RO room only - the price includes only accommodation

Rollaway bed - folding bed

Disabled room – hotel room adapted for the disabled guests

Extra bed - an extra bed in the room (it can be a sofa bed or an additional fold-out bed)

Full en-suite - room with a fully equipped bathroom (with bath and shower)

King room – hotel room equipped with an extra large bed. Mattress sizes vary depending on the hotel, but the most common dimensions are 198 - 200 * x 203 - 210 *.

Dormitory room - room in which there are many beds rented for different guests

Connecting room - room in the building adjoining the next room, connected by an internal door

Adjoining room - a room in the building adjoining the next room without a direct connection

Queen room - hotel room equipped with one large bed measuring approximately 160 x 200cm

Insert - completing the standard room equipment with a gift for the Guest

Twin room - hotel room equipped with two single beds

Twin for sole use – price for a double room, in which only one person will stay overnight

TPL triple room - hotel room equipped with three single beds


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