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On 4-5 October, the largest marketing conference for hoteliers in Poland - Hotel Marketing Conference will take place at the Earth Hall of the Poznań International Fair. The leitmotif of this year's conference will be "SIMPLY MORE".

Hotel Marketing Conference is the largest conference for hoteliers organized by Profitroom - a leader among reservation technology providers. This year's <HMC> edition will be attended by a record number of 1000 participants, including owners of hotel facilities and people responsible for the sale and marketing of hotels and apartments.

During two days of events, participants will have the opportunity not only to hear substantive lectures, but also choose from 20 workshops! This is an absolute novelty and drawing on the standards of Western conferences - we propose full freedom of choice. Workshops and presentations will be focused mainly on the theme of the conference, i.e. the direct sale of the hotel. This is an area that is currently interested in an increasing number of hoteliers due to the growing importance of OTA portals such as Booking.com, Expedia or the Trivago metasearch. Cooperation with these intermediaries is now an indispensable element necessary for effective management of object reservations, however, the generated profit from sales via OTAs is smaller than in the case of sales through the hotel's own channels (website, reception, etc.).

The conference will also include renowned experts. One of them will be prof. zw. dr hab. Henryk Mruk from the University of Economics in Poznan, whose scientific interests are related to strategic marketing, consumer behavior research, behavioral economics and leadership. The author of over 900 publications this year will tell us how understanding the values and expectations of the generation of young employees can help build well-functioning teams. Last year, the professor, in addition to a solid dose of knowledge, amused tears gathered in Poznań and Warsaw, thanks to which he became the best-graded speaker at <HMC> 2017!

The next speaker will be Maciej Straus, CEO of the Afrodyta Business & SPA Hotel, who will talk about how to create the added value of a hotel facility. This type of presentation, which is a joint discussion of success stories and involving hotel case studies, is another distinguishing feature of this year's conference. Knowledge provided by colleagues from the industry are practical tips for working directly in a hotel and sharing good experiences. At <HMC> there will also be specialists from our company. We have selected the best experts and practitioners from over 120-person Profitroom team who will talk about their work for over 3,000 hotels in Poland and in the world. All speakers willingly share valuable lessons not only from the stage - they can also be found in the corridors! The conference is also a good moment to break the ice and include relationships with other participants.

Traditionally, during the conference, the contest "Hoteliers Hosts Hoteliers" will also be adored by the participants. The idea of the fun is that hoteliers, participants of the <HMC> invite their colleagues and fund at least a weekend stay in their facility. Anyone who will fund such a stay in the form of a voucher, can take part in the draw itself. The competition promotes integration, exchange of knowledge between participants and is a great opportunity for great fun.

A special attraction during <HMC> 2018 will certainly be the evening gala of the 10th anniversary of the first online direct booking. We will celebrate this event together during the evening gala of the first day of the conference. It will be an opportunity for shared memories or summaries of the past decade for the hotel industry. There will also be alot of excellent music - the whole event will feature the performance of the band Poparzeni Kawą Trzy! We can, however, ensure that it is not the end of surprises for our participants.

We invite you to take part in the 5th edition of <HMC>, which will take place on October 4-5 at the Poznań International Fair. Registration for an event can be made now on the official conference website. All news also appear on the Hotel Marketing Conference profile on Facebook.

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