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Like every year, the day of the child falls on June 1, but does it have to be celebrated in the same way every year?

Energylanda has prepared an unusual offer of active, but also joyful spending time on the day of all children

Energylandia Amusement Park located in Lesser Poland Zator is a real paradise for children (and adults alike)! There are four play areas divided depending on age and purpose -  for the youngest, for whole families, the youth extreme part, as well as the Water Park (with pools and paddling pools). All attractions are available in the price of the admission ticket, and for children up to 3 years, such a ticket costs only PLN 1, and slightly older ones will pay PLN 59 (up to 140 cm). Energylandia is the largest density of Roller Coasters in one place on the scale of Central and Eastern Europe, and this type of construction can be found not only in the extreme zone, but also the one for children!


Energuś, favorite kids!

One of the most popular attractions of Energyland is Roller Coaster Energuś. It is a small construction with a height of 13 meters, which accelerates up to 50 km / h, which can be compared to a cabriolet ride. It is fast enough to feel wind in your hair, but you wont feel discomfort by the speed, everyone loves this coaster! However, in the "Bajkolandia" area you can also find other small Roller Coasters, such as Mars spacecraft, Frutti Loop Coaster tracks in a fruit garden, or last year's novelty Happy Loops, on which we can get on well. The amateurs of crazy devices will not complain here about the lack of boredom. Since 2017 "Bajkolandia" has been enlarged twice! Enriched with 10 new attractions, the circus section is loved by whole families.


During the heatwave, a bit of refreshment is a mandatory!

I guess everyone as a child loved jumping into a puddle to splash a little. Visitors of the Amusement Park in Zatorze proved that water splashes make the same joy either for younger and for adults. However, here the splashing in the puddle replaces the extensive water attractions. Among them even the fun-doing Splash Battle. Quad boats with installed water cannons let you fight a water battle between families, but also other guests of the Park. Interestingly, we have to be careful ourselves if somebody from the external cannons installed around this attraction splashes over us. Adventurers will certainly go to the Treasure Island, where we will sail by two waterfalls! Fans of water adventures will certainly also be tempted by pontoons sailing on the wild river. In Energyland we will find the Atlantis water rafting and its extensive version - Jungle Adventure. And when we feel tired, we can relax on the sunbeds in the company of a sandy beach, a pal and a huge pool and paddling pools.

Hungry for further impressions? Do not wait and plan your trip to Energyland today! The Amusement Park is open every day from 10am, but it's worth coming a bit earlier and getting a dance opening and musical fun in the courtyard.

Celebrate children's day for 3 days!

Energylandia Theme Park in Zatorze decided to celebrate Children's Day for whole 3 days. From Friday 1 June to Sunday for the youngest guests, can expect  surprises and souvenirs from our animators, there will also be special games. During these days, 9 special zones will be created in the Amusement Park, where you can win gadgets and valuable prizes. The highlight of the day will be Piana Party, which you can get four times, at 12.00, 13.00, and at 15.00 and 16.00.

Visit the website of the park and enjoy your time!:  Energylandia

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