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Underground City of Osówka

In the city
Contact Sierpnica, ul. Świerkowa 29 d
58-340 Głuszyca

tel.: 74 845 62 20


The Underground City of Osówka was established in 1943, when the Germans started the construction of Riese facilities in the Owl Mountains in Lower Silesia.

Thanks to the works that were carried out in various places, defense systems were created on the surface of the earth, as well as underground tunnels. Due to the approaching Red Army and the Polish Army, work was stopped at the beginning of 1945. After the war, the building was plundered and closed.

Security and adaptation of the facility began in 1995, and a year later, on March 9, visitors could see 650 meters of pavements and excavations. Then, the western and northern part was opened to the public. Currently, tourists can visit 1500 meters of underground corridors, excavations, halls as well as bunkers. Thanks to exhibitions, exhibitions, interactive sidewalks as well as new lighting, the facility gains attractiveness each year.


In the Underground City of Osówka there is a Reception Center of Secrets and Adventures since 2008, in which there is a ticket office, audiovisual room, restaurant for 60 people, parking for 100 cars and a small playground for children.

Underground City of Osówka invites everyone regardless of age and beliefs. Four sightseeing routes await visitors: the historical route, the extreme route, the Riese expedition route and the educational route.




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Głuszyca, Dolnośląskie
, 58-340 Głuszyca

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