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Grodziec Castle

In the city
Contact Grodziec 111
59-516 Zagrodno

tel.: 76 751 50 35
kom.: 504 051 022
kom.: 509 131 754


Grodziec Castle is located on a basalt, volcanic, steep hill, in a picturesque scenery.

The first mention of the castle comes from the bulla of Pope Hadrian IV of April 23, 1155. It was here that Prince Bolesław Wysoki granted privileges to the Cistercians from Lubiąż in 1175. During the reign of Henry the Bearded, a wooden and cold castle was replaced with a brick one.

During the Hussite wars, the castle was conquered and plundered by the Hussite units. The Prince of Legnica, Fryderyk I, who bought the castle in 1470, brought him bricklayers from Wrocław, Legnica and Görlitz, who gave the castle its present spatial arrangement. Despite the death of Fryderyk I, the work was continued at the request of his son, Frederick II, during which Grodziec Castle became one of the most beautiful Gothic-Renaissance residences located in Silesia. On the occasion of the prince's wedding with Princess Sofia von Hohenzollern, a party and a famous knights' tournament were organized in the castle.

The 30-year war was a difficult period for the castle, as it was conquered and burned by the army of prince Albrecht Wallenstein. The scale of the castle's destruction was so huge that after the war it was decided to blow up some fortifications. Attempts to reconstruct Grodziec in the 17th and 18th centuries did not result in greater successes. When, in 1800, the Reich Prince Jan Henryk VI von Hocheberg became the owner of the estates, major conservation and reconstruction works were undertaken.

In the 1930s, Grodziec Castle became the destination of numerous tourist expeditions. At that time, he was the first monument in Europe specifically adapted for tourism purposes.


After a thorough reconstruction in 1906-1908, the castle was a museum of Gothic and Silesian Renaissance, a hotel, as well as a restaurant. Despite a thorough reconstruction, the castle was burnt down in 1945 by the Russians, and in the 1960s partially rebuilt.

At the beginning of the 21st century (2004-2005) Grodziec Castle was a place where films were made by Swedish, French, Belgian and Russian televisions.

Currently, visitors to Grodziec Castle can take part in regional and international events organized there, including: Legnicko-Brzeski Knight's Tournament for the Silver Ring of the Kasztelana, Silesian Song Festival, International Feasts of Borderland Teams, as well as Agrotourist Wine and Mead Honey.

Visitors to the castle will find mysterious treasures, ghost meetings, legends and stories about people who lived centuries ago, knights' tournaments, meetings with folklore and regional cuisine, as well as a number of other interesting attractions.




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Zagrodno, Dolnośląskie
, 59-516 Zagrodno

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