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Książ Castle in Wałbrzych

In the city
Contact ul. Piastów Śląskich 1
58-306 Wałbrzych

tel.: 74 664 38 34


The Książ Castle in Wałbrzych is one of the largest castles in Poland and Europe.

It is located on a rugged rock promontory, at an altitude of 395 m above sea level, it was built in the years 1288-1292 by the prince of Świdnica-Jawor Bolek and Raw.

From 1288, when the first written mention of Książ took place, the castle changed owners many times, and was often rebuilt. The reconstruction took place as a result of the vision of new owners or after destruction during wars that rolled through Silesia. When visiting Książ Castle, you can visit its interiors, there is also a hotel and a gastronomic section. In the stable rooms there is a Stallion of Stallions of Ksiaz - it is a horse breeding unit, which mainly groups stallions of the Silesian breed.

You can visit Książ Castle both during the day and at night. When you travel through this amazing place you will know its amazing history. You will find out here, among others, how long a pearl necklace possessed Princess Daisy, whether the castle contained the Amber Room, as well as many other interesting information. When visiting the castle, you can see the exhibition "Metamorphoses of Książ Castle", which is a joint initiative of the Książ Castle in Wałbrzych and the National Museum. Thanks to this initiative, after over 70 years, the paintings that once decorated his rooms returned to the Piasts 'and Hohbergs' castle. The exhibition can be seen on the Middle and Baroque routes. Thanks to the works that have been specially selected, as well as their descriptions, you can get to know the castle not only as an object that has an extraordinary architectural richness, but also as a "place with a soul".


The Baroque Treaty, which is also called "Welcoming", is a place where visitors can get to know the representative halls of the Książ Castle. Passing through this treatise you pass the Metamorphoses Room (there are paintings from the collection of the last master in the castle - Jan Henryk XV), Green Salon (there are portraits of von Hohberg members), Sala Maksymiliana, White Salon, Oriental Room, Game Room and the Italian Salon.

The Central Treaty is the oldest, medieval-Renaissance part of the castle. The treaty includes the Hunting Foyer, the adjacent Black Courtyard, the Knight's Hall and the Konrad's Hall. In the latter you can see the "Gallery of the Famous" which evokes the traditions of the Roman Empire, as well as founding legends of the Przemyślidów, Habsburgs, Piasts and Hohenzollern dynasties.

On the initiative of Jan Henryk XV (the last representative of the Hohberg family at the castle), the Palm House in Wałbrzych was established, which is located about 2 km from the Książ Castle.

Photos provided courtesy of https://www.naszeszlaki.pl/.




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Wałbrzych, Dolnośląskie
, 58-306 Wałbrzych

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