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Grodno Castle

In the city
Contact Centrum Kultury i Turystyki w Walimiu
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58-321 Zagórze Śląskie
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Grodno Castle has over 900 years of history, which starts from the times of the Piasts of Silesia, through the Czech Crown, the Holy Roman Empire, the Kingdom of Prussia

ending on the period of World War II and the first post-war years. Built on the top of Mount Choina, at the junction of the Wałbrzyskie and Sowich Mountains, the stronghold rises above the valley of the Bystrzyca Swidnicka river. This is one of the most picturesquely located castles located in Lower Silesia.

The first preserved document, which testifies to the existence of the castle, comes from 1315, . At that time, the castle was part of the Duchy of Świdnica-Jaworski. The main reason for the creation of the stronghold was to secure the trade route. The Czech crown absorbed the Grodno Castle together with the Duchy of Świdnica-Jawor in 1392. The castle in the fifteenth century was in the possession of knight's families. In the years 1545-1587, the then owner, Maciej von Logau, made a major expansion. However, during the Thirty Years' War, the castle was occupied and partly destroyed by the Swedes. Von Zedlitz from 1774 were the owners of the castle. In 1824, at the initiative of pastor Busching, who was the then owner of the castle, renovation and security works were undertaken, which introduced changes inconsistent with the historical shape of the building. Further conservation efforts took place after the Second World War. The Walim commune became the owner of the castle in 2009.


Visitors to the castle can visit it alone or hire a guide. Visiting Grodno Castle, visitors go, among others through the building of the entrance gate, the Renaissance portal, the torture room, penitential crosses, the castle gate, the duchess of Princess Margaret, the knight's hall, the upper courtyard, the hunting room, the wet room, and the princely rooms. The castle also has temporary exhibitions that you can meet while strolling around the castle. At the end of the tour tourists can enter the castle tower, from which you can admire the beautiful views of the Sowie Mountains, Wałbrzyskie, as well as the Bystrzyca Valley.

Grodno Castle can also be visited by tourists at night. This tour takes place in the company of a guide.




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Walim, Dolnośląskie
, 58-321 Zagórze Śląskie

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