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Prince Castle in Niemodlin

In the city
Contact Fundacja na rzecz Zamku Książęcego Niemodlin 1313
Rynek 55,
49-100 Niemodlin


Niemodlin Castle was erected by the prince's family Bolesław I to defend the Opole region

The history of the Castle in Niemodlin goes back to prehistoric times, which is confirmed by archaeological finds. From the first to the third centuries, the Amber Route leading from the Baltic to ancient Rome ran through here. Niemodlinski Castle often hosted crowned and imperial heads.

Lured by the mysterious beauty of the castle, Jan Jakub Kolski shot here the full of the magic film Jasminum.

In 1313, Bolesław, son of the Opole prince Bolek I, erected a stone castle in place of the earlier wooden strengthening. Around the wooden fortification, on the trade route leading from Silesia to Moravia, the settlement Niemodlin (Falkenberg) was established.

Until 1532, the castle remained the property of Silesian Piast princes, Niemodlin and Opole. Then he passed into the hands of the margraves of Brandenburg, originating from the Hohenzollern dynasty. The next owners were the German aristocratic families: Hohenzollern, Logau, Puckler, Promnitz and Praschma. In the 16th and 17th centuries the castle was rebuilt into a Renaissance residence with a rectangular courtyard surrounded by arcades, and in the 18th century it was renovated in the Baroque style. During this period, two new wings, a chapel and four corner towers were added to the castle buildings. A stone bridge decorated with sculptures was thrown over the old moat.

The last owner of the castle in Niemodlin was Count Frederick Leopold von Praschma, who left his walls in a hurry, on the eve of entering the city of the Soviet army. After World War II, the castle was the seat of the State Repatriation Office, high school and non-commissioned officer's school. Then for 10 years he stood abandoned and destroyed.

Since 2016, the castle has been managed by the FOUNDATION FOR THE BUILDING IN THE BOOK OF NIEMODLIN 1313, thanks to which the building undergoes a thorough renovation.




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Niemodlin, Opolskie
Rynek 55, 49-100 Niemodlin

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