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Farming Stall NAD STAWAMI

In the city
Contact Dębówiec 22
62-200 Gniezno

kom.: 500 214 351
e-mail: myszafran@op.pl


Our stable is located near Gniezno, in forests called the Royal Forests.

For many years we have been breeding horses, especially Polish ponies, ponies (sections C and D) and small horses.

Our main goal is to raise friendly horses, willing to cooperate, with good riding features, useful both for recreation and sport.

Our offer awaits you:

    Horse breeding - in our kennel you will find Polish ponies, ponies and small horses, as well as a stallion from the Welsh breed pony.
    Pension for horses - we provide professional care 24h, boxes made with straw, paddocks, individually tailored nutrition, 24-hour horse stay on the catwalk in the grazing season, horse stabling only for holidays / holidays, as well as vets and blacksmith care.
    Organization of rallies and trips to the area - we organize intimate trips to the area, lasting up to several hours (price PLN 40 / h), and we also prepare 1-3 day races (price per horse from PLN 100 per night + costs of accommodation and meals).
    Hipotherapy (price PLN 40 / h)
    Classes with horses for children from 2 years old - we organize individual riding, taming with a horse, games and exercises on a horse, walks to the forest, riding with full insurance and common activities with parents (price PLN 40/30 minutes).
    Organizing professional photo sessions - we cooperate with a photographer, we provide open air, horses or other animals, and we also prepare horses for pictures.




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Gniezno, Wielkopolskie
Dębówiec 22, 62-200 Gniezno

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