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Stud farm in Galiny

In the city
Contact Galiny 110
11-200 Bartoszyce

tel.: 89 761 21 67
kom.: 508 399 177
e-mail: galiny@palac-galiny.pl


The date of the Galina Horse Stud was officially recognized as 1998. At that time, the first horses for breeding were purchased.

In fact, the history of the Galiński stud began 3 years earlier, in 1995 when the 16th century historic palace, along with the park and the adjacent farm, fell into the hands of new owners. When the renovation works started, the stud was not yet planned. Fortunately, the concept was changed and the owners decided to adapt a large part of the historic farm buildings to the stud. That's how it started ...

At first, the basic herd consisted of 12 mares, purchased from SK Nowielice and one stallion. This number of horses allowed to start breeding. Currently, the stud is about 70 horses in various age groups, which belong to the following races: Trakehner, Holstein, Westwal and a Polish horse of the noble half-blood.

Horses coming from Galin are perfect for championships and competitions at Polish and world parks. They occupy leading positions in foal championships and jumping competitions. We are also the organizers of many regular sports events. In May we conduct Regional Competitions in jumping over obstacles. In the summer, the Open Championship of Warmia and Mazury is usually held in 4.5 and 6 - year horse jumping. We also organize an Open Championship of Warmia and Masuria in both Couples and Unions. The season of fall in our stud is traditionally closed by St. Hubert.

Apart from breeding and sporting activities, there is also a riding school in the Gala stud. In the stables we have horses suitable for beginners and advanced riders. Under the supervision of an instructor, you can improve your riding skills throughout the year - in the summer on the maneżowym square, in the winter in the indoor riding school. We suggest field rides for experienced riders - the time of year is not important. On the youngest there are Shetland ponies and carriages waiting - the carriage training in Galiny enjoys great popularity among children.



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Galiny, Warmińsko-Mazurskie
Galiny 110, 11-200 Bartoszyce

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