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Hucul Horse Stud

In the city
Contact Serednie Małe 1
38-709 Polana

kom.: 505 092 774
kom.: 665 466 129
e-mail: serednie@poczta.onet.pl


More and more often we are tired of the city - its noise, sound, movement.

We live in a constant drive, therefore we are more and more willing to rest in peace in nature away from civilization.

This is where the Hutsul horse stud, Serednie, is located. In the Bieszczady Mountains, in the valley at the foot of their wildest band, Otryt. Our mountain and valley is almost 50 ha. In the area we also have a pleasantly grumbling stream. Once there was a village here today is the smallest village in Poland - the smallest because only one family lives here.

We and our animals - especially horses and cats. For twenty years we have been breeding Hutsul horses and organizing equestrian camps, we accept groups as well as families and individuals. Accommodation with meals, riding lessons and the offer of "Hutsul world" for organized groups. We ride bareback without saddles which is safer and gives better contact with the horse.

In addition to riding horses, you can always cuddle, stay with them - they are very friendly, inquisitive, attracted to people. There is no cleaning of horses, cleaning the stables - our hutsuls live in a flock system without a stable, we do not close them anywhere.

You can have a problem with the range, you can also have no internet or it will be very weak but you are aroused by neighing birds and birds singing, you spend the evenings by the fire under the starry sky, you can drink water from the tap, brew the ever-growing mint, eat an apple of the old variety like a raspberry or gray reneta - it will not be as big as a store but certainly healthy because it's not splattered.

If you are lucky, especially in the off-season, you can see a bear, a wolf or a bison that in the winter are eating hay for our horses!

The place is really picturesque, we have already recorded several programs, a music video and several wedding sessions.

Reportedly, the Bieszczady only goes once and then returns. Our regular guests are a perfect example.

We cordially invite you to our place on earth www.serednie.eu facebook- Hepul horse stud farm Serednie tel. +48 665 466 129, +48 505 092 774 email: serednie@poczta.onet.pl

See you later!

Karolina Smoleńska and Witold Smoleńscy Stud of Hucul horses Serednie Serdenie Małe 1 37-709 Polana




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Ustrzyki Dolne, Podkarpackie
Serednie Małe 1, 38-709 Polana

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