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S-Kart Bytom

In the city
Contact ul. Popiełuszki 1
41-906 Bytom

kom.: 570 570 766
kom.: 570 570 767
e-mail: kontakt@s-kart.pl


We are a team of people with a passion for motorsport, thanks to this passion we have created for you a kart track S-kart Bytom.

Karting Track is modeled on the best objects in the world of karting.

  We organize:

     All-day competition
     Stag parties
     Office party
     Amateur and professional leagues
     Business leagues
     birthday parties
     and other....


Go-karts with a power of over 9km!

Hall with an area of 3400m2

Indoor Track with a length of 550m!

Air-conditioned room with a view of the track available exclusively!

Time measurement up to 0.001 sec. !

Personal karting system!


As the only track in Silesia, we have in our offer MINI CROSS - PITBIKE.

Bytom ul. Popiełuszki 1


Specific details



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Bytom, Śląskie
Popiełuszki 1, 41-906 Bytom

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