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Kartway Cartway

In the city
Contact ul. Kilińskiego 74 (w hali sklepu DDD, wejście obok)
tel. 535 070 535
e-mail: tor@cartway.pl


Everyone who likes intense emotions can use the CartWay track.

The track has been designed to ensure good fun with the maximum level of safety for all competitors.

There are 13 go-karts available with drivers from 4.5 hp to 9 hp. The smallest go-karts are suitable for children from 6 years of age (minimum height 125 cm). The lightweight design provides the right power to weight ratio.

The track has professional MyLaps time measurement (measurement accuracy up to 1/1000 of a second) integrated with GokartSystem. The results of the trips are displayed on the monitors at the reception and on the track and automatically sent to the driver's email.



Specific details



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Zamość, Lubelskie
ul. Kilińskiego 74, 22-400

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