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BlaaBluu Play center for kids in Krosno

In the city
Contact ul. Kolejowa 27 (Full Market)
38-400 Krosno


BlaaBluu play centre is situated in the popular shopping centre Full Market, which is a definite advantage.

It is divided into two zones – for younger (up to six years) and older children. The former has, among others, an inflatable slide, a sensory car, a ball pit and a table for painting and games. The older children enjoy a slide and a race course, as well as various games requiring strength, agility, and quick thinking. There are also tables for parents, as well as coffee and internet access.



Source: City Office of Krosno http://visitkrosno.pl/en/ .



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Krosno, Podkarpackie
Kolejowa 27, 38-400 Krosno

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