Park Return To The Past

In the city
Contact ul. Kosynierów 74b
84-230 Rumia

kom.: 500 061 285
kom.: 500 061 315


Attractions of the Park to return to the past will provide long hours of unique experiences!

Under the care of the guide you will learn many interesting facts about the past of our planet, see how our ancestors looked like, you will have the opportunity to take a photo with a dangerous dinosaur. Look into the knight's castle, where you will test your strength in sword and archery. You will also learn about our exotic inhabitants, perhaps befriend your curious lemurs (try or like bananas!), Agile meerkats, or threatening snakes! We finish? Absolutely not, the fun is just beginning! Time for fun among trampolines, slides, blocks and balls. Maybe you will try your hand at the Minotaur maze? Are you tight enough to get out of the room of riddles? Check! The only thing missing is boredom!

The park also offers the organization of birthdays, festivities and special events.



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Rumia, Pomorskie
Kosynierów 74b, 84-230 Rumia

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