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Fear Factory - House of Fear in Krakow

In the city
Contact ul. Westerplatte 5/9
31-033 Kraków

kom.: 571 431 981
e-mail: info@fearfactory.com.pl


Do you want to prove yourself and prove to others that you will not fail? That even if I do not know what, you will not turn back and lead everyone out of this damn place?

Will you manage to overcome your fear and sacrifice yourself for the group by giving them the only flashlight, leaving yourself in the dark room and letting others escape?

Find out how your comrades' scent smells when in the darkness prevailing all around you hear only the constant panting and mocking laughter of the creature from the deepest depths of evil, ready for anything but to prevent the success of your journey.

Only the solution of a seemingly simple task separates you from salvation, but all your attention constantly focuses on the dark form following you, ready to jump at any moment.

Check with your leader, but remember - you only survive in the team.


Bachelor party / bachelorette party:

Bachelor party / bachelorette party is one of a kind opportunity, which is why the prepared attractions must meet this requirement. It is a very good idea to start the event right at the very beginning. It is worth ensuring a unique and extremely popular form of entertainment that is a visit to the home of fear. Fear Factory allows you to create an individual and group-specific demonstration. Our actors will provide you with amazing impressions and adrenaline and wife and husband will be provided with special attractions. We are open to any suggestions on your part that we can discuss by email or by phone.


Everyone wants the day of birth to be spent in a unique way. A visit to the home of fear is a very original idea for a gift. Our actors will take care of both the guests and the solenizer. The birthday show will make the student really feel special and by the way the whole group will have a great time! The birthday show, just like every show in our home, is individual and adapted to the group. Feel free to contact us to arrange the details and to find out more exactly what the show contains.

School trips

A visit to the home of fear as part of a school trip is very popular. You are probably wondering why? First of all, it integrates the group, teaches cooperation and mutual responsibility, and at the same time provides amazing emotions. Depending on the group, there is a possibility to choose the show version so that it is adapted to the needs and expectations. If the group has more than 20 people, it is possible to accept the group outside the standard opening hours. In order to arrange details, please contact us.


Are you original and want to be sure that it will say "yes" and at the same time you would like this special moment to be remembered for a very long time? Do you want the future lady to be completely surprised? As a place of proposal, choose Fear Factory! Being in the home of fear, you can prove your courage and feel like a real hero moving his beloved dark rooms! This is a very modern and original idea, especially for people who want to demonstrate incredible creativity and initiative, thus moving away from stereotypes. Feel free to contact us to discuss the details, the scenario is discussed individually with the person who is planning the proposal, we are open to any suggestions from your side.



A visit to Fear Factory is a great and universal idea for a company outing or integration meeting. Solving puzzles, mutual responsibility for each other, the ability to make sacrifices in the name of the good of the rest of the group is an ideal way to strengthen interpersonal relationships. A positive aspect of choosing our home of fear as a place of integration is the fact that it is a very good way to start a meeting and relax the atmosphere. The passage through individual rooms ensures unforgettable emotions. If the group has more than 20 people, it is possible to accept the group outside the standard opening hours. To discuss the details, please contact us.



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Kraków, Małopolskie
Westerplatte 5/9, 31-033 Kraków

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