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We have prepared new attractions for children and adults, which will enrich your stay on the Krakow-Częstochowa Jura and the Ogrodzieniec castle.

Our complex consists of 5 attractions that are dedicated not only to families but to all those who love it:

- Miniature Park - in our park you can see the eagle's trail in 1:25 scale extending from Cracow to Częstochowa. Mock-ups of castles and strongholds were reconstructed in accordance with historical truth, and the execution of the mock-ups was preceded by many months of searching for and preparing historical documentation. Objects that are presented in the Miniature Park were placed in the open space, because apart from the buildings themselves, we also recreated the interesting shape of the Jury.

- Amusement Park - is an attraction that is dedicated to younger family members. When coming to Ogrodzieniec, families visit the castle, the Birów Castle and the Miniature Park. Now it is the turn of the attraction aimed mainly at children. The Amusement Park has facilities that perfectly blend in with the surrounding landscape, thanks to which, being on its territory, the participant still has the impression that he is in the land of the Middle Ages, castles and chivalry.

- Park of Physical Experiences - invites all lovers of fun to take part in an amazing adventure. In our Park you will find 35 devices, thanks to which you will learn how basic physical laws work. Here things that seem to be impossible seem to be possible.

- The House of Legends and Fears - this is a unique tourist attraction on the scale of the entire country. Going through the gates of our facility, you are moving into the world of fairy tales and legends from which the Kraków-Częstochowa Jura is famous. Want to stand eye to eye with a powerful black dog, get to know the silhouette of a white lady or be surrounded by powerful bats? Come in and let yourself be convinced how terrible are the characters depicting events that, according to many mysterious and horrific stories, really happened.

- Sledge Track - it's primarily fun, great emotions and continuous adrenaline. Thanks to beautifully presented in the scenery of the Ogrodzieniec Castle, a downhill course with numerous corners and specially prepared prams, you will be able to drive with unprecedented speed. It does not matter how old you are, whether you are a woman or a man - this attraction will definitely meet your expectations. Thanks to a specially profiled track, you can be sure that you will go safely even by speeding at the highest possible speed.




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Podzamcze k. Ogrodzieńca, Śląskie
, 42-440 Podzamcze

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