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Near Kołobrzeg, just 5 kilometers from this seaside spa resort, there is a small town called Zieleniewo.

It is not often chosen by tourists as a place to spend holidays, but on the way to Kołobrzeg it is definitely worth coming here due to the Zieleniewo Theme Park, which is one of the biggest attractions in the whole area. Here, in just one day, you will move to the Wild West, see the Indian Village and spend unforgettable moments in Lunapark and Motopark. Everyone will find here attractions ideal for themselves. What you must not miss?

Attractions of the Zieleniewo Theme Park

Indian Village

If you want to see traditional Indian teepee, meet the chieftain and see the life of Indians with your own eyes, be sure to come to the Greenwood Theme Park. Here, surrounded by nature, you will visit an Indian village, learn to shoot from a bow, ride a pony, and take part in games. Together with your family and your peers you will be able to try your hand at the maze, and also learn to sing Indian songs sung to the sound of drums. It's great fun for the whole family!

Western City

Do you dream about a journey in time? In the Greenwood Theme Park you will be able to find yourself in the Wild West. And all this will be possible in just one day! Here you will see the robbery attack on the bank, you will be able to deal with the bull at the rodeo, you will see the traditional sheriffs post and buildings characteristic of the Wild West. It will be an amazing and fun adventure that no child will ever forget! And for all thirsty fun, there is the Lunapark, where you will find plenty of attractions for kids of all ages.


In the Zieleniewo Theme Park there is a Lunapark with a wide range of attractions for the whole family. You will find here water balls, a climbing wall for children who like physical activity, a barrel of laughter, in which you will be able to laugh at a crash or bike on a rope. Each of them can accommodate two people at the same time, so you can take your child or friend with you and have fun together on the track. However, this is not all the attractions that await you in the Zieleniewo Theme Park!


This is a real paradise for motoring enthusiasts! All children will be able to fulfill their dreams here and take part in crazy quad or tank races pulled by large tractors on specially prepared tracks. Here the children's imagination will meet with reality, and every child will be able to play the role of a real racer. Ready for the race.

Mini ZOO

Thinking mainly about the youngest children, the Mini ZOO was created in the Zieleniewo Entertainment Park, in which all children, under the supervision of their parents, will be able to meet their favorite animals known only from cartoons and cartoons. Here, every toddler will meet pigs, rabbits, monkeys or horses. Additionally, during the summer holidays (in July and August), goats milking is also organized. This is a unique opportunity for many children to meet and touch livestock for the first time in their lives, which they can not watch closely every day. The Zieleniewo Theme Park will also provide children with learning through play.

Road Traffic

This is where children learn about traffic rules and basic signs that will help them navigate the road. Thanks to electric scooters, all kids will be able to try their hand and check out the role of drivers and road users. It's a fantastic and safe way to spend free time with your whole family!

In the Zieleniewo Theme Park, children will not only be able to experience an amazing adventure together with their loved ones, but also learn many interesting facts from the animal world. Learning through play is the best way to teach children the knowledge they will go through with their lives. If you are looking for attractions that you can use with your whole family during a holiday or weekend trip - be sure to visit the Zieleniewo Entertainment Park!



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